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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Guillaume Ducasse and Pauline Damiens winners of the Extreme Man Getxo by Artroactive

Despite entering the finish line first with a final time of 4h23'42 ”, Olivier Marceau has been disqualified due to a regulation that appears in the regulations of the Spanish Federation, and that is not contemplated in other countries. After 4 hours, 14 minutes and 35 seconds, the triathlete Guillame Ducasse is officially proclaimed the winner of the Extreme Man Getxo by Artroactive. In the women's category, it is also the French, Pauline Damiens who has won the victory with an overall time of 5h06'30 ”. In the relay category, the Osasunalde team was the fastest, finishing in 3h47'09 ”.

The triathlon has filled Getxo with more than 350 triathletes among which elite and popular athletes have participated. All of them were encouraged by the fans who came to the circuit creating a unique atmosphere in the coastal city of the Basque Country.

The Ereaga walk has been the nerve center of the Extreme Man Getxo by Artroactive. The race with distance 113 (1900m swimming, 90 km by bike and 21 km of running on foot) has started from the Ereaga beach where the swimming segment has been carried out. The cycling route, where the participants had to go around the circuit twice, has passed through the towns of Algorta, Berango, Sopelana, Urduliz, Plentzia, Mungia and Laukiz. Finally, the triathletes had to do three laps of the circuit on foot that ran between Ereaga and Las Arenas through the promenade.

The swimming was fast, led by Olivier (25'28 ”). At his feet, and only 22 seconds came Walter Geyer and Kevin Pillet just over a minute from the first. As for the girls, Amélie Le Gall came out of the water first in 36'34 ”, Marta García and Pauline Damiens Catalina practically finished together with a time of 38'35” and 39'27 ”respectively.

The route of two laps of cycling combined areas to roll quickly with others that invited to remove the big plate for a few minutes, going down next to the university campus of Bilbao.

Olivier Marceau quickly took the lead, while Kevin Pillete overtook Walter with a strong pace, but was relegated to XNUMXth place in the cycling segment. Finally, Kevin was overtaken by the Frenchman Frederic Fernández, managing to finish second on the bike.

Although Amélie Le Gall had the advantage of the water, the French Damiens overtook her, getting the best women's partial (2h47'23 ”).

Olivier ran regulating knowing that he was playing with some advantage of the previous sets and dragging some discomfort in the achilles heel that made him mark a set almost 12 minutes behind the fastest, Ducasse. He climbed up positions in the foot race, setting the best time in this segment, which served him to get second overall. For her part, Pilette, who had remained constant in the two previous segments, and despite having run almost 9 minutes slower than Ducasse, managed to place herself in third place overall.

Finally Olivier, despite crossing the finish line first with a final time of 4h23'42 ”, is disqualified leaving first place to Guillaume Ducasse (4h24'35”), Kevin Pilette (4h25'24 ”) second and Josu Uriarte third (4h27'45 ”).

“Despite the discomfort on my foot, I really enjoyed the circuit. The water was a bit cold, but the bike section was spectacular due to the orography of the terrain. In the running race I have also enjoyed a lot because of all the people who have come to support us. Getxo has been a very good 354 choice to train for the Extreme Man of Salou ”, Olivier declared minutes after crossing the finish line.

In the women's category, after achieving the last two best sets, Pauline Damiens was proclaimed champion of the Extreme Man Getxo with a time of 5h06'30 ”, followed by Amélie Le Gall with 5h09'22” and Marta García in third position with a time of 5h 27'53 ”.

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