Javier Gómez Noya will not compete in the country house on May 27

After spending 10 days without training due to a feverish process, the Galician triathlete has decided to renounce the Spanish event of the World Series, which will be held as usual in Madrid's Casa de Campo next Sunday.

The problem began the night of Thursday 10 to Friday 11 May with a sudden increase in body temperature. From then on, it has been 10 days in which the fever has risen -sometimes up to almost 40º- and falls intermittently, without other symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, muscle pain or throat pain appearing.

And without affecting anyone else in his family or direct environment: “They have been days of confusion, because in the morning I could find myself well but at night the temperature rose a lot and I made me sweat excessively. I have not been able to train since in those weak conditions it would be useless.

I have been tested to see if it could be a serious virus such as mononucleosis but fortunately nothing has come out. It annoys me a lot not being at the Casa de Campo, with the great atmosphere and repercussion it has. Although by the weekend I already hope to be recovering the form, it does not make sense to compete if I cannot do it to the fullest even more if I do not stake anything. The only objective is London, there are 10 weeks left and it is assumed that this parenthesis is not going to affect me to be at 100% on August 7 ”.

Since Monday, he has already resumed, very smoothly, yes, the training sessions in Pontevedra and if all goes well he will compete again in Toulouse (French Club League, sprint distance) on June 16 and in the Olympic distance in the Series Kitzbuhel World Cups on 24.

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