The Valencian triathlon federation and the deputation of Castellón present a guide for parents of athletes

Triathlon has become one of the fastest growing sports in recent years. For this reason, the Triathlon Federation of the Valencian Community has prepared a guide for parents in which the benefits of this sport are explained.

The guide, under the title "High performance tripadres", gives parents the keys to help their children in the practice of this sport that combines running, swimming and cycling.

The rules of conduct, dealing with technicians and judges are some of the guidelines given in the document, which will be presented tomorrow at the Castellón Provincial Council.

Likewise, parents are advised on how their actions should be to help children practice sports according to their ages. First, in the minor categories, fun and an approach to the sport must prevail, and second, already in the cadet and junior categories, the results are gaining more prominence.

Some of the key points in the guide are education in victory and defeat, triathlon is an individual sport and, ultimately, the practice of any sport is beneficial for a child's growth.

Arturo Navarro, manager of the Triathlon Federation of the Valencian Community, Mateo Castellá, general director of sports of the Generalitat Valenciana, and Luis Martínez, deputy for sports of Castellón, presented the guide yesterday.


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