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Sixth place for Carolina Routier in Cremona Sprint Triathlon European Cup

At 9:30 last Sunday, the 46 participants of the elite women's event took the start in the Sprint Triathlon European Cup held in Cremona (Italy).

The first to complete the 750 m swim were Carolina Routier, Anna Godoy and the Italian Gaia Peron. Once the cycling sector started, the leading trio achieved a slight advantage over the rest of the peloton. However, at km 6 they were neutralized by a group of 21 triathletes, among whom was Tamara Gómez.

Entering T2, the leading squad led the test with 1 minute and 15 seconds ahead of a second block, which was made up of Estefanía Domínguez, María Ortega and Melina Alonso, among others.

In the third segment, Australians Tamsyn Moana-Veale and Charlotte McShane were at the forefront of the contest imposing their strong rhythm. Halfway through the second of the three laps of the foot race section, they were hunted and overtaken by the British Lois Rosindale, and then she headed towards the finish line alone.


For its part, the Australian duo was loosening the rhythm and were caught by the German Rebecca Robisch. In the final meters Robisch and Moana-Veale would compete for the silver medal in the sprint. Finally, the Australian would take the second place, while the Teutonic was awarded the bronze medal. Behind came the Australian, McShane, in fourth place, in fifth place the Croatian Vilic and in sixth place the triathlete from Banyoles, Carolina Routier.

For her part, Tamara Gómez would reach 12th place and Anna Godoy 19th. While Estefanía Domínguez climbed positions in the third sector and achieved 24th place. While María Ortega entered in 35th place and Melina Alonso in 36th.

Female classification:

1 Lois Rosindale RU 01: 02: 08

2 Tamsyn Moana-Veale AUS 01: 02: 14

3 Rebecca Robisch ALE 01: 02: 14

4 Charlotte McShane AUS 01: 02: 45

5 Sara Vilic CRO 01: 02: 55

6 Carolina Routier ESP 01: 03: 05


12. Tamara Gomez ESP 01:03:42

19 Anna Godoy Contreras ESP 01: 04: 22

24. Estefania Dominguez ESP 01:04:48

35. Maria Ortega ESP 01:06:22

36 Melina Alonso ESP 01: 07: 13



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