Victory of Lance Armstrong in Hawaii

New triumph for Lance Armstrong in a triathlon. If two weeks ago he won the half ironman in Florida, this time he did it in the Kohala Coast, in Hawaii, with an exhibition against important rivals such as the Americans Greg Bennett (fourth in the Athens Games) or Chris Lieto ( second in the Ironman of Kona in 2009).


The seven-time Tour de France champion, who is already 40 years old, bases his triumphs, logically, on the bicycle part, where you cannot go on a wheel, in which he was able to ride almost 90 km during the 45 kilometers /h. Lieto did it at 43 and Bennett, at 41. That translated into a difference of three and seven minutes. “I didn't think I could go at that pace. I produced a lot more watts than he expected,” the ambitious Texan confessed.

Although Armstrong is not just cycling. In the almost two km (1,9) of swimming he endured with the best, showing that to be competitive in a triathlon you have to swim like the best. Running has also improved. After the beating of swimming and cycling, he was able to do the half marathon in 1h 22 (less than 4 minutes the 1.000 meters) on a terrain of "different surfaces", like that of Hawaii. "It was painful. Harder than he thought ”. He won with three minutes over Bennett.

His 40 years are not an obstacle: “I don't feel at this age. I feel better physically than five years ago. Perhaps I have taken more care of my body and have been more of a physiotherapist. Although I know that I cannot stop the passage of time either.

A meticulous man to the extreme, as he demonstrated in his cycling days, the Texan has already inspected his next challenge on the spot: the Nice Ironman (complete) on June 24. But his big goal is set on October 13 at the Ironman in Hawaii (Kona). Of course, Lance Armstrong doesn't want to participate, he wants to win.


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