Virginia Berasategui, in the first round, I even got excited and cried when seeing so many people in the streets of Vitoria

Declarations Virginia Berasategui, fourth place

“A priori I didn't rule out anything and I wanted to fight for the podium. It couldn't have been but I've been close”.

“I don't know what happened to me in swimming. There was a time when I got confused, I stumbled over some brambles and I lost time with respect to the leading group. When I got out of the water and they told me the references, it was a pretty hard psychological blow. However, I was hoping to get back on the bike, but it was difficult for me to get used to it. In fact, in the bike sector I have always gone alone, without any reference. I was guided by the pulse, by the power and I felt good sensations but I couldn't see the head of the race”.

“When I got off the bike and started the race on foot, they already told me that I was 1 minute from fourth and fifth. From then on, and despite all the doubts I had with my knees and my foot, curiously it is when I have begun to feel better. In addition, seeing my family and the entire public supporting me has given me a lot of strength. In the first round, I was even moved and cried to see so many people in the streets of Vitoria”.

“I was able to go up to fourth place. For me, a great position and I am satisfied. After injuries, plasma injections and hard recovery, this fourth place tastes good to me. In addition, I am also very happy for Maider Gaztañaga and his fifth place, he deserves a lot ”.

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