• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

The 10 most watched training articles in 2015

We compiled the most popular articles about training published in Triathlon News this 2015


10 things that you have to finish to improve in triathlon


How to improve the efficiency in swimming?

Swimming Efficiency

How to improve climbing hills on the bike?

Train Cycling Climbs

Training in series to improve speed in cycling

Training Series Cycling

Work of empowerment for the cyclist in gym

Improve Cycling Power

Combined COMPEX and Roller Training

Compex Roller Combined Training

Train on the roller with this 45 video minutes

45 minute roller training

The importance of "pampering" our sight


How does electrostimulation work?

How Compex Works

8 infallible tricks to improve in triathlon by Gurutze Frades

Gurutze Frades

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