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4 tips to efficiently train strength by Multipower

Our collaborator in Sport Nutrition, Multipower, offers us a series of tips to efficiently train strength in the gym.

As in all training, the specificity is the principle to adapt to the demands of each sport, this means to consider the following:

  • Body parts trained: Where do you need strength and power? Legs and trunk, or possibly the whole body?
  • Exercise options: sport-specific movement patterns, usually isolating gestures and movement patterns
  • Sets, repetitions and rest periods: a balance that reflects the demands of the sport in prolonged efforts or high number of intense repetitions.

There are three great methods of training. We want to present you three types of training. All of them have their justification and are oriented towards different types of sport.

1) Moderate resistance, many repetitions in the gym

This method is ideal for beginners and is also special for some types of sports such as swimming. Apply as much weight as you can do many repetitions and demand enough muscle.

Here sprints with resistance are ideal. If your maximum weight is 100kg, you should do three sets with 10-15 repetitions and lift each time the 60-75% of your maximum weight. Between each series you should take a break from 60-90 seconds.

2. I train with machines with a lot of resistance and many series

This method is applied to experienced athletes. Here the objective is to establish a high index of force and speed for short periods of time, in order to repeat this process several times as a Rugby player or boxer would need for example.

In this context it is necessary to name the concentrated training of machines, as for example doing dead weight to 12 series with respectively two to three repetitions. Here the repetitions should be done with the 85-90% of your maximum weight. Between each serious you should take a break from 20-30 seconds.

3 Interval training and running with resistance

In this training, high intensity intervals are alternated with recovery intervals, such as running and then taking a break. Above all it is ideal for athletes who do sports that require a lot of running, in which it is important to be able to accelerate unexpectedly and make quick sprints, such as football and rugby.

Running in intervals presents here a perfect method, for example a sprint of maximum 200 m under an intense effort and then a light trot during 100-400 m. The running phase depends on the distances of the sprints. Try to make 5-10 repeats.

4 General Concept of Training

As an athlete you should try and combine different types of sports. If you include some of the exercises mentioned above, the load for your body is increased, which has consequences on your training plan of greater importance.

Do not forget during the phases in which you concentrate on some individual aspects of your training, in this case strength and speed, to also maintain your normal training to a certain degree. However you will have to reduce your normal training, but it should be enough to maintain your current level. This way you will improve your weak areas thanks to new exercises without removing your body the necessary phases of recovery.

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