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The 5 reasons why you get an effort test

Our collaborator Healthing gives us in this article 5 reasons why you would have to do an effort test.

Athletes are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of a stress test in the performance of an athlete

Our collaborator Healthing gives us in this article 5 reasons why you should do a stress test.

  • The first and most important, rule out that there is a health problem that prevents us from training. Stress tests must be carried out by sports doctors, they will analyze the results and behavior of the heart and will be able to assess if there is something wrong.
  • At the beginning of the season it is convenient know the true state in which we find ourselves and the authentic physical level.
  • It apports useful information for planning our trainingor, having the personalized FC and the possible rhythms is always an advantage
  • The Maximum Oxygen Consumption, VO2max, you can only know it if you perform a stress test with gas analysis. This value places you directly among the best or in a range appropriate to your age. In addition, it allows you to know your possibilities of progress.
  • Facing the competition with maximum guarantees It is a peace of mind when it comes to demanding the most in both training and competitions.

Stress Test

The Stress Test with gas analysis is a diagnostic examination that assesses the body's response in the different phases of exercise, from rest to maximum effort.

The stress test is performed on an ergometer (treadmill or bicycle). During the time of the test, cardiological and ventilatory monitoring is maintained. The first is essential to rule out arrhythmias, alterations in exercise or cardiological pathologies and is performed with a continuous electrocardiogram during exercise.

Blood Pressure and Pulse at rest, maximum effort and recovery are also measured. Ventilatory monitoring requires carrying out the exercise with a mask (somewhat uncomfortable), which allows the oxygen and CO2 exchange to be measured with each breath, so that when maximum effort is reached, the Maximum Oxygen Consumption or VO2 can be measured. The Stress Test offers the Thresholds, Aerobic Threshold and Anaerobic Threshold, which delimit the different types of training and enables the improvement of our rhythms, in training and in races.

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