• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Do you want to know what Miquel Blanchart's maximum load cycle looks like?

Three weeks of maximum load for Miquel Blanchart towards his debut at 2018

The Catalan triathlete started on Monday 5 of March a maximum three-week cycle in order to give the starting signal to the competitions of this season. In our special #RoadtoKona2018 Mithat specific He already advanced part of his season with us objective of returning to contest the World Cup Hawaii Ironman the next month of October.

Nowadays Blanchart has 1.920 points, thanks to its fourth positions in the IM of Barcelona and IM from Mar del Plata where he got 960 points in each test and to achieve the mathematical classification he should add more than 3000 points approximately.

We have talked with Miquel Blanchart who tells us in person how these three weeks of maximum load will be:

Volume  week 5 to 11 of March

  • Swimming: M 70.000
  • Cycling: 280 km
  • Race on foot: 35 km
  • Gimasio: 2 sessions

Well, as I told you, these it's going to be a crucial few weeks to finish deciding what will be the test that will give the starting signal in this 2018.

As you already know my goal is to be on the starting line of the Ironman World Championship in Kona (USA). So, without wandering around the bush, the first of these 4 weeks of loading we will give priority to swimming under the orders of Bart Kizieriwski (Technical Director of swimming at the CN.Sabadell), and following the orders of my coach and teacher Carles Tur, where we will stand with a 70.000m of water, 280km of 35 cycling on foot and a couple of gym sessions.

Miquel Blanchart training cycling

Volume  week 12 to 18 of March

  • Swimming: 35.000-40.000 m
  • Cycling: 600 km
  • Race on foot: 35-40 km
  • Gimasio: 2 sessions

Volume  week 19 to 25 of March

  • Swimming: 35.000-40.000 m
  • Cycling: 800 km
  • Race on foot: 35-40 km
  • Gimasio: 2 sessions

The 2 core weeks will be a rapid progression focusing efforts in cycling so that without neglecting the other disciplines, we will pursue the goal of 35.000-40.000m of swimming, 600km of cycling, 35-40km of race and 35.000-40.000m of swimming, 800km of cycling and 35-40km of running, with some session of gym for the safe means.

Volume  week 26 of March to 1 of April

  • Swimming: 35.000-40.000 m
  • Cycling: 280-300 km
  • Race on foot: 120 km

We will finish this base cycle with the same meters of swimming, going down to 280-300km of cycling and try to overcome the 120km of running, so if I survive decently, I might be venturing into the 70.3 of Liuzhou (CHI).

More information: http://www.miquelblanchart.com

Photos: Miquelblanchart.cm

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