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How to train to get off 20 minutes in the 5 km running race of a triathlon?

We propose 4 weekly sessions, with a duration of 3 hours in total.

We echo this interesting article published by 220triathlon, where they tell us what we have to do to get down from the 20 minutes in the 5km race on foot in a triathlon

They propose us 4 weekly sessions, with a duration of 3 hours in total. This type of training requires little time and, as they say, it is possible to reach that mark with him.

It is important to keep in mind that you have to adapt training for weekly cycling and swimming sessions to not arrive with fatigue to these workouts.

There are many things that can be done with 3 hours of running training and you should be able to reach your goal of less than 20 minutes and 5 km, says the article's author, Andy Bulloc.

A good level of physical fitness is required to be able to divide these 3 hours into four sessions.

Session 1

The first session will focus on strength and running technique.

Make a career in rolling terrain with a lot of inclination (hill, mountain or hill repetitions), gently increases strength and allows the technique to be developed if the correct posture is maintained.

We are proposed to climb a hill using your arms, propelling you with your toes.

The duration of the session ranges from 45-50 minutes lasting just below the lactate threshold.

Session 2

The second session is a constant race that lasts about 40 minutes, with occasional accelerations higher than the competition rhythm.

These accelerations should last 15-20 seconds maximum; do five or six throughout the session.

Session 3

Session three lasts about an hour and It aims to develop the lactate threshold and speed work.

You have to incorporate intervals above your 5 km pace. These intervals should have a recovery of 50-100% depending on the time of year.

Session 4

Session four is a c30 minute race after a cycling session.

During winter, this is ideal to support aerobic conditioning; During the racing season, it is interesting to increase the intensity.

Do not forget

Always make sure to balance the intensity of your training throughout the week, including swimming and cycling sessions, of course, and avoid accumulating too much fatigue.

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