How to take off your neoprene and not die trying

You have to automate the sequence of movements to remove it quickly.

Get out of the water with the accelerated pulsations and start running while trying to get out of the neoprene is not the most ideal situation, so we recommend some basic guidelines and tricks to remove your neoprene when leaving the water.

First we have to automate a sequence of movements to remove it. Practice it as many times as necessary until it comes out without having to think about the next step:

  1. Open the neoprene. Direct one hand to the tape down the lower back while the other opens the velcro behind the head.
  1. Arm out. Once the zipper is open, focus on removing one of the arms making an energetic upward movement of the arm to be released while with the other hand strips of the neoprene down. Then repeat the process to release the other arm. Beware of trying to get both at once, you can keep the neoprene blocking both arms and run more risks of imbalance and fall.
  1. Go down to the hip. Slide the neoprene up to the hip, preventing it from curling, that is, pulling it around. Now take off your hat and glasses to throw them into the drawer as soon as you get to the box.
  1. Go down to the knees. When he arrives at the box, he continues to lower the neoprene by turning it over, pulling on both sides and preventing it from curling.
  1. Check it out. When you have passed the part of the knees, begin to step on it with one foot while lifting the other leg energetically to take it off. If you see that it gets stuck a little, help with your hand. Once you have the first leg out, take off the other with the help of your hands to make it faster

Quick Tips

Some tips that will help you get rid of neoprene faster are the following:

Use body oil or moisturizer in arms and legs. You will see how well the neoprene slips when you go to take it off, but be careful because without sunscreen you run more risk of burning with the sun.

Also used vaseline for neck, armpits, ankles and wrists. In addition to helping you get out faster, you will avoid chafing in the neck and armpits. At the time of smear it uses Roll-on formats or a plastic glove, so that your hands are not stained to touch the garment or even your glasses.

To avoid burning yourself, the trick of the soapy water Put a gel or liquid dishwasher in a bottle of water and mix it well. After giving you sunscreen and before putting on your neoprene, wet your legs and arms with the mixture

Other practices that are usually seen are the neoprene cuts. It is more risky because you can damage the material, but what many triathletes usually do is cut the part of the legs until it is just below the neoprene, so that removing the legs will be less cumbersome.

We hope that with the practice of the 5 simple steps to remove the neoprene and the small tricks so that it slides better do not pass more situations of overwhelmed trapped in your neoprene.

Dare with this challenge, take it off in 5 seconds

Laura García Cervantes

Dra. Science of Physical Activity and Sport

Technical Director Club Trikatlón Tres Cantos

Triathlon and Swimming Senior Trainer

Paratriathlon Specialist Trainer

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