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How to jump head on without your glasses coming off?

To avoid this annoying situation we give you some tips

Surely more than once you have spent training, or even in some competition, head and goodbye to your glasses. We tell you some tips so this does not happen again

State of the glasses

First let's check if the glasses you use Are the right ones o they are in ideal conditions to fit your eyes.

 To do this, place the lenses in your eyes and press lightly, without putting on the rubber. If they stay a few seconds adjusted to your eyes without falling, you can continue with them. If they fall immediately, we advise you to look for others.

The placement of the rubber

Now we go to look at the placement of the rubber. This should be approximately half of the head, that is, following the line of the eyes. If the rubber is double you can separate it slightly in the back of the head.

Correct placement of glasses

Hold glasses well

? Another tip for greater support is to place first the glasses and then the cap, or if you use double cap, put the glasses between them.

How to enter the water?

Finally the most critical part, the entrance to the water. The reason that the glasses are lifted or dropped when contacting the water is because the first contact is not made correctly.

You protect your head between your arms so that the contact with the water is first with the hands, "opening" a hole through which later the arms will enter while we keep the look down and the chin towards the chest.

To have a placement reference, we recommend that Press your ears with your biceps and keep one hand on the other.

Practice, practice and practice

As you practice and obtain positive results in your head start, practice situations similar to triathlons, that is, running, with fatigue, jumping several at a time, from different heights, etc.

Remember that it is advisable to have professionals in the area to help you in your progression in training, and in these specific exercises make sure first of the depth of the pool.

Laura García Cervantes

Laura García Cervantes
Laura García Cervantes

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