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How to return to workouts after the break?

Once the season is over it is very necessary to take a few days off,

Once the season is over it is very need to take a few days off, or even weeks, for rrecover from the physical and mental effort made.

If you are not sure how to resume the routine, read on that we give you some advice.

It depends on how the season has been, it will be the necessary rest

Depending on how long the season has been, they will need more or less days off, but to give you an idea, if you have not had previous breaks, a month off will do you good.

Take up the workouts in a progressive way

When you return to training it is convenient that it be progressively and correctly scheduled:

Lower frequency around 3 days of training

The return to training begins with a frequency of less than 50% of the week, that is, around 3 days of training.

During the first 6, the frequency is increasing progressively to the proposed objective.

The volume and intensity must be increased progressively

The volume, intensity and duration of each workout must also be increased progressively during the first weeks, so that we give our body enough time to assimilate the loads without falling into injury.

Start with general fitness

It is highly recommended to start with general fitness training, in which you work on aerobic endurance and the strength of large muscle groups.

No fast beats

Forget about the fast paces, it is about getting a solid base on which we can shape performance throughout the season, so if you take "the bike always at full gas, in periods of competition the accelerator will be burned".

The force, very important

Strength work is especially important in this phase, since it plays a double role in preparing the muscle for higher loads and thereby avoiding or reducing the risk of injury.

Go back to your diet

Remember that eating and resting are part of training, so if you return to the routine you must also take care of these aspects to perform properly.

You will have lost physical condition

The first weeks can be made more uphill and suffered by the loss of physical condition that you have had during your rest, but do not give up, in a few months of perseverance and effort you will begin to feel fit again to achieve your goals.

Laura García Cervantes

How to return to training after the break?


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