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Tips to get the most out of your bike in summer

Santini gives us the best tips to train with high temperatures.

A passion, the one of the bicycle world, that explodes in summer: the days are longer, the temperatures rise and the roads are filled with cyclists. A) Yes, summer becomes synonymous with long bike trips. And so that neither the heat nor the humidity stop us, it is enough to apply some simple tips.

With regard to the most appropriate wardrobe, with its experience of more than half a century making technical cycling clothesSantini presents light and breathable men's and women's garments that respect four promises: fit, performance, comfort and durability.

We must pay attention to three key factors: water, food and clothing

Three factors to train in summer, by Santini

Santini has asked his ambassador Alessandro Vanotti, exprofesional with 19 great competitions behind his back, that reveals the tricks to train correctly: «We must pay attention to three key factors: water, food and clothing», suggests the ex-cyclist of Bergamo.

First, a proper hydration and nutrition are key to having enough energy to take advantage of the bike.

In summer, it is essential hydrate often even when there is no physical activity. During bike trips, Alessandro recommends drinking small sips frequently to ensure the correct replacement of water to our body.

It is also important keep some delicate areas of the body moist and coolas head, face and wrists. «It is not necessary to get your head too wet while pedaling -says Alessandro- but refresh it slightly when we make a stop.

Moisten the wrists It's a trick that also works: I used to do it in the Tour de France, in mid-July to 40 degrees! "

Regarding hydration, Ambassador Santini advises dilute mineral salts in the water bottle (by the way, just a bottle for a training start), instead of diluting them in a single glass of water.

When it comes to food, it's useful complete daily needs with food that, in addition to sitting well, are compatible with physical effort, such as seasonal fruits and vegetables, nuts, red fruits (currants, in particular, have important properties).

Another advice from Alessandro refers to the more hours to train: the ideal is to go out by bicycle in the morning, about the 8-8: 30 hours. If you choose routes with long climbs, better if they include shadow zones, and much better if the shade is provided by trees.


The choice of costumes -remember Alessandro Vanotti- is fundamental: "When the temperature and humidity level rise, you have to choose lightweight and highly breathable garments, like the Santini Tono 2.0 jersey which, thanks to its microgrid structure, is ideal for summer".

During physical effort it is essential not to underestimate the details. Keep skin dry is basic to optimize performance - Alessandro continues.

It is very important keep body temperature constant to avoid oscillations that may compromise the best performance on the saddle. This is obtained by facilitating the evaporation of sweat with a consequent better management of liquids and the elimination of toxins. The Tone 2.0 jersey satisfies this need and it has been designed precisely to achieve this goal ».

And for women, Santini proposes the Queen 2.0 jersey, matching Legend shorts, high performance, fresh and with a super feminine appearance.

Santini kit options

Tone 2.0 jersey

Tono 2.0 Santini Leotard

  • Adjustment: Made in collaboration with the Australian national team, the Tono 2.0 jersey is characterized by a tight design that adapts like a second skin. With Bodyfit fabric sleeves without hem, elastic and transparent.
  • Performance: Front and back of the Sesia micro-grid jersey, soft and incredibly breathable. The fitted design maximizes the aerodynamics in the saddle, and the anti-slip bands in the lower part of the jersey and in the cuffs guarantee perfect adherence to the body and total freedom of movement. On the back it has a comfortable triple pocket and reflective bands for optimal visibility on the road.
  • Comfort: designed to guarantee an unbeatable performance during the summer period. The Sesia microredress provides breathability and the sleeves in Bodyfit without hemming do not tighten.
  • Durability: Jersey made with high quality Italian fabrics with 210 ° C printing to ensure maximum color resistance, regardless of the number of washings.
  • Recommended retail price: 89,00 Euros

2.0 Tone bibs

Tone 2.0 Santini bib shorts

  • Adjustment: Made with Thunderbike Power and New Monica fabrics, Santini Tono 2.0 shorts create a "tattoo effect" and adhere perfectly to the leg without squeezing. Instead of the classic elastic band, inside the fabric is a weft in the shape of silicone honeycomb that keeps the culotes in perfect position.
  • Performance: Santini NAT and very high performance with NEXT gel core designed to spend more than 7 hours in the saddle.
  • Comfort: comfort is ensured by the seamless elastic straps and the NEXT gel-core NAT pad.
  • Durability: made with the Italian Thunderbike Power fabric which, thanks to its dense weft, guarantees optimum performance even after several uses.
  • Recommended retail price: 149,00 Euros

The Tone 2.0 kit is available in gray or yellow fluorine versions with nautical blue base, and red with black base.

Queen 2.0 jersey

  • Adjustment: the Queen 2.0 jersey features a feminine cut that highlights the figure and a very soft fist that adheres to the skin loosely.
  • Performance: The jersey combines two innovative fabrics that guarantee total breathability: the Arctic fabric on the front, light and refreshing, and the Half-Moon micro-grid for the hips and back. It has five pockets, three in the back and two more in the hips, to carry everything you need.
  • Comfort: The cut of the armhole is designed to guarantee maximum freedom of movement and the sleeves are made in Arctic fabric, soft and elastic.
  • Durability: jersey produced in Italy with high quality materials and techniques.
  • Recommended retail price: 89,00 Euros

The Queen 2.0 jersey is made in three different colors: violet, water blue and orange, and has fine lines on the front that create a degraded effect of color, from the lightest in the lower part, to the darker in the part top of the jersey. In the back, the section of the microgrid has colored diamonds.

Bib shorts LEGEND

  • Adjustment: Ergonomic cut-outs and perfect fit with comfortable lycra braces crossed over the chest, with an innovative "easy on" front latch similar to a bra.
  • Performance: Cloth made with the new Legend fabric, a lycra that guarantees a graduated compression, allowing a greater oxygen supply to the legs, an increase in muscle stability and support during pedaling.
  • Comfort: The C3W pad guarantees maximum comfort thanks to the Carving Technology process, which involves the pouring (carving) of two superimposed foams to reduce volumes and create thickness without seams or adhesives. This process guarantees maximum protection against shocks, an incredible lightness and breathability without compromising the freedom of movement, up to 7 hours in the saddle.
  • Durability: The production techniques that combine high quality fabrics and sheaves guarantee a long life to the product.
  • Retail price: 99,00 Euros

For more information: www.santinisms.it

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