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Advice from Dolça Ollé, Miquel Blanchart and Maria Pujol on the Challenge Salou tours

Some of the best triathletes in Spain give us some advice on how to deal with each of the circuits of the test


Less than 2 months for the celebration of Challenge Salou we have asked several champions of Spain, Dolça Ollé (Champion of Spain LD 2016), Maria Pujol (Champion of Spain MD 2016) and Miquel Blanchart (Champion of Spain MD 2011) who will be at the start of the next 28 of May to give us some advice on how to deal with each of the circuits. Recall that the Challenge Salou it is disputed under Half distance with 1900m of swimming, 90km of cycling and 21km of race on foot.

Dolça Ollé

Dolça Ollé

In the swimming It is important to take a constant rhythm, Salou Beach is usually very calm and that will allow us to swim continuously without stumbling and also the little waves will benefit us in our orientation.

El cyclist segment it is basically back and forth in the same place, here it will be important to control where the wind comes from to distribute the forces properly and not try to force much when it is expensive, the triathlon is long and the importance of dosing our forces in this segment is a key point.

The race on foot It is very flat and fast, so I recommend not to start at very high rhythms and to control our steps, we know that it is the final part of the triathlon and that the forces can break down so we have to be focused at all times and try not to distract us during the segment.

You can follow Dolça on: Facebook: Dolça Ollé Gatell / Instagram: @ dollegatell / Twitter: @dollegatell

Miquel Blanchart

Miquel Blanchart

First in the swimming see where the current comes from so that if you take advantage of it or minimize its action against your swim, I assure you that you will save yourself a good effort. Yes, always with a good orientation towards the buoys.

In the cycling segment Try to go as close as possible, do not try to buy time in the descent and manage well in the climbs. A good climb is better than a good descent.

Last in the running race that the 4-5 first kilometers pass and then value, more or less quickly and without forgetting to drink and eat.

You can follow Miquel on: Facebook: Miquel Blanchart / Instagram: @Miquel_Blanchart / Twitter: @MiquelBlanchart

María Pujol

Maria Pujol

Although it is a medium distance test, it is key to warm up well, since they tend to be quite early, the temperature is low and once the starting gun is fired, you have to put your body to perform at its best. Arrive in time to be able to prepare everything calmly and warm up well.

In the bicycle segment You must eat and hydrate very well according to what you have stipulated because being such a demanding bicycle the body spends a lot and you have to get off to run as fresh as possible.

In the running race, the body must already be somewhat touched so it is appropriate to run the half marathon progressively. Of course never stop eating and moisturizing (if it is too hot to cool off by wetting your arms, face, etc).

You can follow María on: Facebook: María Pujol Pérez / Instagram: @trimariapujol / Twitter: @trimariapujol

More information on official website of the Challenge Salou

Photos: Maria Pujol -> TriFlash
Miquel Blanchart -> Sportfotografie.biz
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