What is better to do strength first and then cardio or vice versa?

What is the order to do it? Strength + cardio or cardio + strength?

We explain the eternal topic of debate at the time of training, what is better to do strength first and then cardio or vice versa?

What is a cardio session?

Before we begin we will clarify that with the term "cardio" we want to refer to a session from 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic physical activity or with intervals, by bicycle, elliptical, tape, paddle, etc.

What is a strength session?

While by force we mean a work session with additional weights or resistances (dumbbells, machines, TRX, etc.).

The mixture of both types of training is what is known as concurrent training.

When we begin our concurrent training session with cardiovascular work, our body uses muscle glycogen and fats as an energy source.

What happens when we do a concurrent training session?

Muscle glycogen little by little it runs out during the session while deposits of fats can supply energy for longer although that energy is of less intensity.

It is as if you had a small tank with a large tap (glycogen) and a large tank with a small tap (fat).

If later we proceed to carry out the strength training with muscle glycogen at low levels and our training rit equals a contribution of intense and fast energy, we will notice that fatigue does not allow us to perform at the maximum in such training.

In addition, in extreme situations, we can increase the risk of injury due to fatigue or even involve proteins as a source of energy, with the consequent catabolism (loss of muscle mass).

How to do a correct workout?

Therefore, if your goal is to improve strength and / or lose fat mass, it is advisable that after perform a small warm up of 5 or 10 minutes (not necessarily on cardio machines), start your strength routine and finish the training with the cardiovascular work

Other more specific aspects related to the physiological adaptations that each type of training produces depending on the parameters of intensity, volume and load, must be taken into account when doing this type of training and for that sure a good professional domain can help you!

Laura García Cervantes


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