Duconsejos by Emilio Martín, 2012 Duathlon World Champion

This week in our section "Duconsejos"It's the turn of Triathlete Emilio Martín, 2012 Duathlon World Champion, and that offers us some valuable advice when facing a duathlon


Name: Emilio Antonio Martín Romero

Club: ACurrently without club. In France TriMarville 55 and SG Pontevedra in athletics



Web / Blog emiliomartinduatlon.blosgspot.com

Sponsors: G-Sport

Collaborators: CycleOps, Coreevo, Fast Forward (FFWD), Nike, Oakley, Lake, Sci'con Bags, Full Gas


Most representative results:

  • 2012 Duathlon World Champion
  • Three times Spain Duathlon Champion (2011, 2012 and 2013)
  • Two-time Duathlon Spanish Cup Champion (2011 and 2012)
  • Champion Duathlon of Gernika 2012


Three tips to train better:

  1. The first and fundamental is to have a qualified coach who is in charge of guiding us in the process. Stick to the plan and the established times whenever we can. Train with your head and give your best COMPITIATING and NOT training.
  2. As much as possible, get as rested as possible to training and try to always train at the same time of day.
  3. Leave enough space between the last meal and the workout. In my case for example between the food and the race training I have to leave approximately a minimum of 3 hours. For the bike I do not care that there is less time.


3 things you should never forget to take the day of the test

  1. Helmet, jumpsuit, bike shoes, competition shoes and DNI or license !!! Although it seems obvious it will not be the first time that we stepped into a race and we have forgotten something of this.
  2. For me, at least, the rubber is essential to place the shoes and thus facilitate the setting them on track. Nor can we forget the dorsal carrier and safety pins, as well as the full boats and the gels or bars that we will use.
  3. We can not forget to consult the time that will make the day of the test to adapt the material to be used: if it is necessary to wear thermal t-shirt, if we have the possibility of changing the covers of the bike ...


3 things you should not forget to do during the competition

  1. Hydrate well. And if the competition requires it, eat. Do not try new things on the day of the competition. Everything you do that has been previously tested.
  2. Although this is prior to the competition, we should never stop checking the bike (wheel pressure, brakes, changes ...).
  3. Place the material in the indicated place and in the correct way. It is better to lose 3 seconds in putting everything in place than having to stop for a penalty for much longer. For this it is good to visualize the transition moments before reaching it. This will be easier for us if we practice practicing it.


3 tips that always have to be done at the end of the competition

  1. Make a correct return to calm composed of a gentle trot and stretching.
  2. Take fruit or a recovery complex composed of hydrates, salts and amino acids. Every day it is important to recover well after training but perhaps doing it after a competition is when more importance is charged.
  3. Although the temperature is pleasant (in winter with cold even more), take off the competition clothes as soon as possible and put on dry clothes.


Tell us a curious anecdote that happened to you

The truth is that more than an anecdote I can tell you a whole series of misfortunes that happened before the World Cup. Three months ago I suffered a cut in the big toe in which 6 took me points that 12 had me at home for days, so I could not do anything.


Two weeks before the Championship I had a strong fall with the MTB that fortunately was only in some sheet metal and paint. The wounds are quite annoying but nothing serious. Finally, on the same trip to France, when I arrived at the airport it turned out that my flight had been canceled for more than a month and nobody had warned me.


I arrived at Nancy at 00: 30 from Thursday night to Friday and NO BIKE !!!!! This did not arrive at the hotel until Saturday morning. I think all this bad luck turned into good luck on race day.


Objectives 2012-2013

  1. Try to renew the title of World Champion or be as much as possible in the World Cup.
  2. Try to be for 3 consecutive time Champion of Spain.
  3. Achieve good results in the different tests of the Grand Prix (France).
  4. If the calendar allows, fight for the Duathlon Spain Cup


Further information:


Networks (FB / TW): FB: Emilio Martín. TW: @emiduatlon

Web / Blog: emiliomartinduatlon.blosgspot.com      


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