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Club: Trigoi TT

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Most representative results:

Champion of Spain Winter Triathlon, 2º test Tri-Winter Europe Cup, 5º Tri-Winter Europe Championship, 9º Tri-Winter World Championship. Champion Euskadi Tri Invierno, champion Euskadi duathlon mountain, champion Euskadi Ski de Fondo, champion Gipuzkoa Ciclocross.

3 tips to train better:

  • Race on foot: We all focus on trying to run faster, on holding a high pace in the race, and we train for it. Train so that the irregularities of the terrain play in your favor, train also in the mountain, make the descents are your strong point.
  • Cycling: Do not train alone on the road and watching the speed in the account. Go to the mountain, play and enjoy with him. The mtb is not only to give pedals, the technique influences a lot, and it can be improved many seconds without making greater efforts in competition. Without wanting to be doing series on the climbs, more fun and entertaining than on the road, and on the slopes concentrate to go little by little more, make the descent and technical areas are your strong point.
  • Transitions: Analyze the material we have, study how to make transitions as quickly as possible, and practice.
  • Physiotherapy: When we have symptoms or muscular discomfort do not continue until injured. At the first symptom, or at the second, it is better to stop and make a visit to the physio.
  • Nutrition: Do not go out to train with a full stomach. Take a balanced diet and pay attention to the amino acids.

3 things you should never forget to take the day of the test

- Asphalt and trekking shoes, you never know which one you are going to use or if you will be both.

- The bicycle in full conditions, that does not fail us.

- Everything basic and indispensable that you need to compete

3 things you should not forget to do during the competition

  • Running on foot: do not run out of your rhythm, it is not as important as in road duathlons to end up in a group, in mtb little influence is going on the wheel, save your strength.
  • Transitions: Do not get confused where the bike is or where to go, look carefully before starting the competition.
  • Cycling: Hydrate well. The effort does not end when you get to the top of the hill, keep the level of effort when there is not, do not spend in the ups and squeeze also in the plains. The descents are not only to recover, not lose concentration and go to buy time.

3 tips that always have to be done at the end of the competition

- Release a little and stretch.

- Do not spend in the provisioning.

- Enjoy and share opinions and feelings with competition partners.

Tell us a curious anecdote that happened to you

European Cup Triathlon Winter Oberstaufen (Germany) 2012. I went alone, the trip on my own, and organized it quickly and running ... First international appointment of the season. I arrived Thursday night, friday morning eskiar (beautiful place and enjoying), try bike etc. In the afternoon I go to the technical meeting, and there was no one. I thought the test was Saturday and no, it was Sunday! The flight had it on Sunday at the first hour, it had been bundled! I got very nervous, on Monday I had to work, I do not know if there would be flights on Sunday afternoon, if I would have time, or how much it would cost ... And if or if I wanted to compete !!. In the end, there was flight, with only 50 extra euros, but I would have to run to get there ... Saturday quiet day, ski, try skis, etc. Sunday, I get an 2º put in the competition (first international medal), but finish and I'm already thinking about the plane, do anti-doping control without losing time, and without time for ceremonies or relax, take the rental car and go straight to the airport thoroughly (there are no speed limits on the German motorways ...), and I arrived at the Munich airport on time, with 5 minutes of margin to buy and swallow a pizza + beer before getting on the plane. The 24.00 arrived home and the 8.00 was already at work.

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