8 exercises to do at home and not miss a day of training.

We propose a global training session to do at home

For those days when it is complicated to take the necessary time To move to the facility, train and return home or work to continue with daily obligations, we propose a global training session to do at home that will make you lie down with the homework done.

Prepare a large mat like this and a timer. We show you 8 exercises that combine strength training and cardiovascular to keep your fitness in your own home in so only 20-30 minutes:


Stand in quadruped, hips aligned with knees and hands with shoulders. Keep the abdomen active, and alternately stretch the opposite arm and leg.

Pelvic lifts

Stand on your back with your arms stretched out and resting on the sides of your body and your knees bent, supporting your feet with the width of your hips.

Raise the hip to form a diagonal line from the knees to the shoulders

Chest backgrounds

Place your hands slightly more apart than the width of your shoulders and feet together with your legs straight.

Flex and stretch your elbows so that your body goes down and up like a board from head to toe. You can start with knee support.

High Skipping

Simulate on the spot the movement of movement emphasizing the elevation of the knees to the line of the hip. Maintain a high and continuous rhythm.

Iron with opening

Lie on your stomach resting your forearms on the floor so that your elbow and shoulder are aligned.

Eliminate the support of your knees and maintain an aligned position from the feet to the head. Hold the position for 5 seconds and rotate to one side by stretching the arm, without lowering the hip and maintaining the support of the other forearm.

Combine 5 seconds on each side always going through 5 seconds in the starting position.


Separate the feet with a distance similar to the width of your hips. Keep your chest elevated and your back straight and perform a knee bend.

It is very important that the weight of your body falls on the heels.

Triceps backgrounds

Take the same position as the bottom of the chest, but now place your hands with a separation similar to the width of your shoulders.

Lower and raise by flexing the elbow, keeping the arms close to the body with the elbows facing back. Keep your body aligned. You can start with knee support.


Take a step forward until you place your foot under the knee. Bend your knee, so that your hip descends vertically and keeping your back straight.

Step back and change legs.

Add some previous joint mobility exercises to warm up before getting down to work.

How to do it correctly?

We propose two ways to do it:

  • a) performing 30 seconds of work of each exercise;
  • b) performing a number of repetitions appropriate to your level (10-15).

At the end of each circuit we will recover between 2 and 3 minutes and we will repeat the circuit again until it is completed 3 times.

With this fast routine you will be able to work globally on top train, core and lower train in a quick session that allows us to strengthen, burn calories and not lose a day of training due to the daily complications of the day.

Video: Nacho Jiménez. Triathlon coach

Laura García Cervantes

Laura García Cervantes
Laura García Cervantes

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