Gwen Jorgensen track series training

It is a good training to do it and gain speed

Has American ex-athlete Gwen Jorgensen He has shared with his followers on social networks a training series in height.

The session consists of doing 4 repetitions of 1 mile (1,6 km, 4 laps) each series faster than the previous one, with recovery at rest. Then continue with another part of speed training with shorter series.

Full Training:

This is the training, with the times I have done, that can serve as a reference for you to do the training.

Keep in mind that you have to do a warm-up at the beginning and a cool down after the session

Series Time Rhythm
1-Mile 1:  5:20:6 (3:20 min / km)
2-Mile 2:  5:19.4 (3:19 min / km)
3-Mile 3:  5:16.4  (3:18 min / km)
4-Mile 4:  5:15.2  (3:17 min / km)
5-2x800:  2:22.2 (2:58 min / km)
6-2x 400: 1:09.1 (2:53 min / km)

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