The importance of the postseason in the athlete

That period of time between the end of a sports season and the next one is the postseason

That space of time between we just finished a sports season and we start the next one we will call it the postseason so you don't confuse it with the Preseason.

The postseason, unlike the preseason, is characterized by a lower level of physical activity or training, both in volume and intensity.

However, our recommendation is that this time be active, but suppose a physical and psychological disconnection of the main sport. To achieve this we indicate some guidelines:

Take care of the food.

During this period of the season you can be more flexible with your foodn, but keep in mind that the excesses accumulate and will take its toll when you return to the routine, so we recommend that you enjoy without exceeding the quantities of mainly low quality food.

Stay active

Moving from activity to total inactivity is not a good stimulus for the human organism, so before sitting or lying down all day look for hobbies that you can't do at other times To keep you active

Try other activities.

We know that during the season we have little time to practice other activities or sports that we also like, so take advantage of this period to enjoy country walks, canoe routes, escalation or any other activity that you are passionate about.

Disconnect the mind.

Not only does the body need rest, but also our mind, get out of the daily workout routine and of the sport practiced.

It is important that you try to spend a few more days pending other matters than the sport you practice, nothing to look at results, calendars or training of your teammates or rivals.

Make social activities.

Possibly between labor obligations, training and competitions you have had to sacrifice a lot of time Enjoy family and friends.

Although we know that lost time does not recover, this moment you have to share it even more with those who always support you in your challenges and adventures.

Take a breath

Your commitment, effort and perseverance should continue during the next season, so take a break to recover all the energy and come back wanting to keep improving and reach new challenges

Laura García Cervantes

The importance of the postseason in the athlete, firma_laura_garcua_cervantes

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