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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Victor del Corral tells us Three tips to improve in Long Distance Triathlon

Víctor del Corral does not give his best advice to improve in the 3 disciplines of a long distance triathlon



What do you recommend to our readers to improve in swimming?

The improvements in swimming arrive, but in the long term, so the first thing to have is patience.


It is very important to work the technique with someone who can see you from outside the water and who can correct you.


And also very important, work the specific force through rubber exercises.


There are different gums that offer different resistances, choose the rubber that allows you to perform well the exercise and with time you will increase the resistance that it offers. Perform 2 or 3 times per week specific exercises that work the specific musculature of swimming.


What do you recommend to our readers to improve on the bicycle?

In the case of cycling, unlike swimming, as you go on doing kms, you will undoubtedly improve. Anyway, you do not have to forget that once you have a good base, or you have shot enough to enter specific works of speed, strength, resistance, climbs, and even technique. In long distance, it will be necessary to dedicate more hours in the bicycle and to make series longer but not so intense.


What do you recommend to our readers to improve in running?

In the race on foot, my recommendation is to work if possible, at the beginning of the season the speed and little by little with the passage of the weeks, to take away the importance of the speed to increase the kms on foot.


To prepare an IM distance test it is good to make a long run, but without having to pass the 30-32km. It is advisable to work speed intervals a bit above those rhythms that we could carry for many minutes running even a few hours.


One last advice.

Enjoy your workouts at all times. The moment you weigh more the negative than the positive, give yourself a break. And do not be too demanding with yourselves if one day your expectations are not met.


Website: www.victordelcorral.com

Blog: www.victordelcorral.blogspot.com

FB: www.facebook.com/victor.delcorral

TW: www.twitter.com/VictorDelCorral


History:           Winner of the Xterra Switzerland 2013

                              Winner 100k Experience Brazil 2013

               Winner of the IM Lanzarote 2012

                              Winner of the long distance triathlon Alpe d'huez 2011 and 2012

                              2º in the Embrunman 2012 and 3º in 2011


2013 objectives: add the maximum points in IM tests for Kona 2014, in the 70.3 IM of Pays d'Aix, and 70.3 IM of Lanzarote, and in the IM of Florida and Arizona.


Sponsors: Cannondale, Inverse, Sands Beach Resort, 100K Experience, DeportClinic by Biolab, Victory Endurance, Monster Cable, Compressport, Ekoi, Hed, Sailfish, Indiba Activ, Nike, Marville 55 Triathlon.

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