Sport, a way to connect with the sea and tranquility

In this age of rush that we all walk through, it is very necessary to make a little getaway from time to time in order to recharge the battery. And what better way to do it than by practicing paddle surf!

That's right, sport has always been our best ally when it comes to fighting stress and if you combine it with the sea, relaxation is served.

It is proven that the sea transmits us tranquility and relaxes our mind. Its smell, its color, its temperature, its breeze, the immensity of the water's surface ... Our brain has few visible elements and they invite you to disconnect. Therefore, if you decide to take a break, from here we recommend one of the most complete and relaxing sports of the current moment. Let's see why.

Why is paddle surfing such a good idea?

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To begin, we will define what this water sport consists of, which is gaining so much popularity in recent times.

Paddle surfing is a sporting activity that is presented as a form of sliding on the water with a Surfboard, with the use of a paddle as a means of movement while standing.

It is also known as paddle boarding or paddle surfing. It can be practiced at any age, without limit and in places such as lakes, reservoirs, rivers and of course, the sea.

In addition, there is no need for wind or waves and when standing up, you can enjoy a lot of visibility. It is definitely a great way to relax, sunbathe and keep fit.

Regarding its multiple benefits

Apart from those already indicated in previous paragraphs, the following should be highlighted:

  • To start, all your muscles will be toned, since with paddle surfing we increase aerobic capacity and muscular endurance.
  • Moreover, By working on dynamic balance, your reflexes will win.
  • Likewise, favors recovery processes in the case of suffering injuries or suffering from some ailments.
  • Following the previous thread, also helps prevent joint, muscle and bone pain and injuries.
  • Likewise, the resistance of water makes it a high consumption sport, so you will burn more calories. You and your figure will look much more stylized!
  • Also, make no doubt that you are going to use your lungs a lot more with what your cardiorespiratory capacity will benefit.
  • Another point to note is that unlike other sports, in the water the joints do not receive as much pressure and therefore they wear less.
  • And the most important! paddle surfing for sure it will change your attitude to everyday life, as it is a powerful way to escape the fatigue of the daily routine and fill ourselves with positive energy.
  • Not to mention that by developing it in an environment with an atmosphere as pure as that of the sea, our whole being will relax, favoring the appearance of serotonin and improving our feeling of well-being.

As you can see, there are many reasons to exercise in the arts of paddle surfing. However, from here we advise you that before starting these struggles, seek the advice of authentic specialists in the field to help you equip yourself appropriately. We talk about online kayaking, a safe and reliable website with a wide professional trajectory in the sector.

Anyway, so that you can take note, here are some ideas to help you when to get down to work Join us!

7 ideas to get started in paddle surfing

  1. Unlike other sports, in this one it is necessary to have some preparation, therefore it is convenient to do an initiation class.
  2. Another tip is that try to dose your effort and never work beyond your means.
  3. In the same way, it is interesting that you work dynamic balance.
  4. Always wear a life jacket and try to learn Safety and Self-rescue techniques ..
  5. Do not navigate in shallow areas, You and your board could fly away!
  6. Choose a shovel to suit you and plunges its blade completely into the water.
  7. And finally, do not forget to enjoy everything you can and more. Your mind will thank you!

And now that you are ready, go surfing!

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