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Put quality in your workouts for an 10k. Objective «Skechers North vs South and the #MadridSePica»

We give you 5 options that you should include in your preparation

You are already on the road to face the challenge of the 10Km of Skechers Madrid North South But do you need a quality dot in your workouts?

We give you 5 options that you should include in your preparation:

1. Train strength.

Strength training is key so that your muscles are prepared to face the race. A weak muscle is fatigued much earlier than a trained muscle, so it includes at least two days of strength work in the gym.

2. Power your legs with stairs.

Look for a ladder with steps 15-20cm to work the strength of quadriceps, twins and glutes as well as the stability of your joints.

You can combine all kinds of exercises that you can think of for the ascents (fast walking, double step steps, skipping, jumps, jumps to one leg) and also you will work eccentrically your muscles in the descents.

It starts progressively so as not to overload the musculature or the joints, given that it is a high impact job.

3. Circuits Oberon / Oregon.

It consists of performing 1Km of race interspersed exercises each 100 meters. Afterwards, one minute rest and another kilometer is traveled without pause.

Depending on your level, you must adapt the race pace, the repetitions of each exercise and the type of exercises. For example:

  • 100 m + 10 bottoms of arms.
  • 100 m + 20 Jumps in the site (10 with each leg).
  • 100 m + 30 "Iron.
  • 100 m + 10 Squats with jump.
  • 100 m + 10 Lumbar raising trunk.
  • 100 m + 20 Squats complete.
  • 100 m + 10 Triceps funds.
  • 100 m + 20 Plates with turn (10 each side).
  • 100 m + 5 Burpees.
  • 100 metres.
  • Recovery: 1 'at trot + 1000m smooth.

4. Fartlek.

If the long running runs are a bit monotonous, try to make changes of rhythm alternating between your training zones.

You can make these changes of rhythm by time or distance, even if you are one of those who run with music, also by songs. For example: 5x (3'z2 + 2'z3 + 30 "z4).

5. Series on slopes.

They are a great resource to improve muscle power. You can choose from 80 to 200 meters, and adapt your speed and repetitions depending on the distance and the drop.

For example: make ascents at the maximum possible sustained speed or progressive speed and recover on the downhill at a gentle trot.

Before starting these workouts remember to perform a warm-up that allows your muscles to be prepared for the effort and intensity to perform in order to avoid injury.

Laura García Cervantes

Dra. Science of Physical Activity and Sport

Club Trikatlón Tres Cantos Sports Director

Triathlon and Swimming Senior Trainer

Paratriathlon Specialist Trainer

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