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How should the fairer triathlon starts? Girls and boys at the same time?

In the following article, we asked several girls (PROS and GGEE triathletes of different levels) to find out their opinion on how the triathlon outings should be so that women can compete on equal terms with men.

Judith Corachán

My opinion is that in no way would I make a joint exit because I believe that girls have the chance to lose (because of my experience in them). The boys have more strength and normally they are not clean exits but there are grabs, elbows ...

Especially when there are tumultuous outings of boys and girls. Taking into account that the output will be separated, I am left with the option of leaving in front of them, against more spaced better (2 ', 5', or until something more or with the minimum difference so that the first guys do not reach the first girls in the water).

I think that even if they reach us, they are not comfortable at all, they are passing in a staggered way throughout the race and that is also better for the cycling section and so that the arrival at the finish line is not so much different from the boys and does not detract from the race of the females.

If the exit is after them, I think it makes us more difficult because if we find many triathletes not only in the water, but in the transition zones, cycling ...

In addition to the fact that the head of the race distances a lot from the girls, even doubling us and it is the feminine race. It is my opinion, for what the medium and long distance is concerned.

Gurutze Frades

My point of view is that against whom you compete you have to leave in the same exit and that we all have to have the same benefits and disadvantages, so I think that the exit of girls should have a unique and separate exit from the boys.

Regarding who leaves first or later, will depend on the circuit and the laps. It is up to the organizer to take it into account and, according to the registrants, to value the best option, thinking of everyone.

Leonor Font

Obviously we understand that it is almost impossible for two different competitions to be held, but that they would have to take more into account the correct performance of different starts.

I think 15 minutes would be enough for "no" to meet. What I doubt if you ask me what I prefer if leaving sooner or later. Since in sprint or olympic distance we may not really get to cross but in medium or long distance yes.

The girls often is not that we are slower or our times are greater, I think we are more respectful and if we see someone swimming or cycling or running we try to "overtake" without passing over or hit a scare on the bike how fast we are going Anyway, I think we're more careful.

The circuit will also depend a lot to determine the minutes to leave. since it is not the same to leave X minutes away and have a circuit of two laps ahead swimming, or 4 by bike or 5 running ... since then we no longer only caught them but we doubled etc ...

So we should look at the tests one by one to find out how long we should leave. But it is something that seems "forgotten" and is very important, we value it very much.

Sara Perez

For me the ideal would be with independent outputs. Otherwise, there should be enough time to be able to swim calmly, that is, one 10-15 ', whether we go out girls first or boys first.

Another option if so hurried they go in the organization, it would be joint exit with the same norms, girls and boys could go to wheel in case we left all together.

Maria Ortega

My opinion: it is the same one that I exhibited in the FETRI, the exits should be alternated every year in official Championships so that it does not always touch the bad schedule (due to weather conditions, lack of public, etc.) to them.

In the competitions that there is a single exit I do not know very well which would be the time of margin but if wider than two minutes surely. In my opinion it would be necessary to try as much as possible not to get together swimming boys and girls.

Esther Leal

I would differentiate tests with drafting and without drafting:

- In tests with drafting, if they are of sufficient entity (Cptos of Spain), a completely independent race must be guaranteed. If not, look for safety, that is, the mismatch in the cycling circuit.

- In tests without drafting, if there is a significant number of girls (say more than 80-100), separate output at least 10-15 'not to be rolled or plugged (with that time it does not matter so much if we leave before or after). If we are few, joint exit with the boys, since without drafting each one makes his career and, at least, there are no absurd situations of 10-20 solo girls and our swimming is more comfortable by not being alone and without references.

Just add that, as I have also been on the side of the organizer, I understand that there are a thousand variables to consider, but this is what would be desirable from the triathlete's point of view.

Ruth Varona

Every one is a world. I personally would give them jointly as in Cantabria or IM, or at least 15 min as Basque Country and Asturias. And if not before the boys. But each one will say one thing. There are tastes for everything.

Miriam Albero

If they do not let us go to the boys' circle, why do we have to go out with them? For example, and as there are many.

In the same way that there is exit of federated and not federated what they should do is to extend a little more the test and to include feminine exits. This is a management problem on the part of the federation and the municipalities where these tests are held. They always say that security matters.

In sprint distance we can not compete with short couplings and nevertheless we have to hit kicks and elbows with people who tripled me in weight and height, to try to swim.

After all, we fight to be equal. We can compete at the level of any man and we deserve an exit for us.

Sara Carmona

The ideal would be to do separate competitions, although this is very complicated for the organizer, especially for small events.

In my opinion, the best thing is for the men to come first, who are always more than us, because otherwise they can "pass us over" if we go very close together.

At the moment I have only deputy sprint triathlons ... and well, for this distance I think we should leave 10 'minimum between the start of men and women, because if we only left 2' behind (as in many tests), there are many men hindering the competition of the best swimmers.

Finally advise organizers and federations that the first buoy always put it as far as possible, so there is less bumping and bottling in this first buoy.

Rakel of the Eagle

The exits think that should not be separated by sex or age, but by times of exit of the water.

Let's leave sooner or later in the water, we get hurt and, afterwards, in the bike and on foot section, as we usually go around a circuit, we all get together. So it does not make much sense to separate and spend that time with water and then finish the same.

In the same way, races are asked for times to make drawers, so it should be in the water. Whoever misplaces will have its consequences, but surely it is more successful. Then, in the bike sector overtaking is easier and we have already gone through a "natural selection".

Blanca Trenas

It is a complicated issue, the variant first girls is ideal for a short distance because it does not take time almost to get caught, but in long distance is complicated .... And especially when they are two laps, they pass over you.

I would go out with the age group and combine boys and girls, equally, but leaving more distance between groups. Especially if it is a long distance, so the people would be distributed more And not all men would fall on us. But I repeat again ... complicated uf!

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