Interview with María Pujol, triathlete and coach

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"Triathletes trainers". Today we start a new section where we will interview several triathletes who combine their work as elite athletes and coaches.

 We will start with the Andalusian triathlete and coach Maria Pujol, Spain Middle Distance Triathlon Champion in 2016.

How were your beginnings in triathlon as a coach?

I had an opportunity to train some acquaintances when I finished my Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Health but until I did not have the specific trainer course, Triathlon III-ITU Triathlon Trainer, I did not want to start. The first pupils, as I affectionately call them, were close and well-known people, which facilitated my work.

Where do you do your work mainly?

My training is online so I have triathletes from all over Spain.

Could you quote a coach that is a reference for you?

My coach at the Joaquin Blume Residence was Cesar Varela, he marked me by his way of being and seeing the triathlon in a peculiar and unique way.

Who are the main triathletes with whom you work?

Fathers and mothers with work and little time. My goal is to get the most out of that little time they have per day to achieve their goals and challenges.

Maria Pujol in the cycling sector of a triathlon

Any quality of each of them that you can highlight?

No doubt his motivation and ability to work despite not stopping during the day and take work and family forward.

What are your main objectives as a coach for this year?

Make a master of sports nutrition to be able to give an added value to the people I train.

Can you give us some advice for those who start working as trainers?

Take into account the particular conditions of each person in order to achieve the objectives set by the athlete, although the assimilation of the loads always predominates. Sometimes "psychological work" is more important than coach's.

And now, I would like to ask you some advice for those who start in the practice of triathlon

Do not obsess and be patient. Normally, those who try this sport are not physically prepared and are injured or frustrated. I try to convey "the philosophy of the little ant".

Finally, where can we find you on the Internet?

Twitter and Instagram: @trimariapujol

Facebook: @MariaPujolTriatlon


Thank you very much for everything, we wish you the best, both in competition and with "your pupilos"

Thank you

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