Triconsejos by Gurutze Frades

This week in Triconsejos it is the turn of Gurutze Frades , Champion of Spain LD 2011-2012

Name: Gurutze Frades Larralde

Club: Mugarra Triatloi Taldea

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Durango Tourism, Imedusa, Mugarra TT and Cafe la Totadora



K-swiss, BH, Rotor, Inverse, ZeroD, Powerbar, Compressport, Specialized.


Most representative results:

  • Champion of Spain of triathlon of LD 2011 and 2012
  • Winner of the LD Triathlon Spain Cup 2011 and 2012
  • 9ª in the LD Triathlon World Championship
  • Challenge Calella 9h 51 min


3 tips to train better:

Do a planning, think a calendar, train taking into account the time of rest and have patience.

Make the environment around you easier everyday.


3 things you should never forget to take the day of the test

It is very important not to forget anything. You have to take all the material and make the backpack in a mechanical way so you do not forget anything.


3 things you should not forget to do during the competition

Eat and drink.


Try to take out everything you have and enjoy.


3 tips that always have to be done at the end of the competition

Keep warm, eat well and before you go make sure you have collected everything.


Tell us a curious anecdote that happened to you

On the way to Calella I noticed when I looked at the hotel reservation sheet that the date of the same was for two months later. We had made the reservation wrong! We called the hotel and there was no place. From there we had a trip of the most entertained looking for where to sleep.


Objectives 2012-2013

The calendar has not yet come out and I have not decided.

I imagine that I will do something similar to last year. Run nationally and try to pose a new challenge.

It also depends on how my sponsors go. I would like to be able to move around a bit internationally.


Further information:


Networks (FB / TW):

TW: @gurutzefrades

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