Gómez Noya's coach sees him 'on the right track' for the Olympic gold

Omar González Sampedro, coach of the triathlete Javier Gómez Noya, who this weekend won his third European title in the Israeli town of Eilat, said yesterday that his disciple is "on the right track" to achieve the gold medal in the next Games London Olympics, his great goal for this season.

'Getting this title for the third time gives us a lot of peace of mind to achieve the goal of the Olympic Games, which is above all else. That is the only great title that is missing from Javier's showcase and we are on the right track to achieve it', González Sampedro commented at a press conference.

Likewise, the coach explained that Gómez Noya has had to give up "other objectives" this season to focus on the race on August XNUMX in London, such as participating in the first World Cup event held in Sydney or the next one to be will be held in San Diego.

'We want to avoid long trips so as not to mortgage five or six weeks of training. That was the reason why we gave up participating in Sydney and we will not be in San Diego either,' indicated González Sampedro, who did confirm the presence of the triathlete in the world events in Madrid, Kitzbühel and Hamburg.

Gómez Noya's coach also revealed that the Galician athlete has been training for 25 weeks and that they have planned to reach the Olympic event in 'optimal' shape.

Finally, the Asturian coach pointed out that getting the third European title is "an enormous satisfaction" because "Europe is once again the leading power in our sport after many years of Australian and New Zealand dominance and that magnifies this success."

Source: terra.es

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