The Spanish Josef Ajram leads the first ironman of the Epic 5

The Spanish Josef Ajram competed yesterday on the first day of Epic 5, a triathlon sports challenge that consists of 5 ironman events in 5 days and on 5 Hawaiian islands. Josef is one of the only 5 chosen to participate in this unprecedented challenge and leads the test after swimming 3,8 km, cycling 180 km and marathon 42 km.

The Catalan needed twelve and a half hours to complete this very tough first stage, which took place on the island of Kauai. He was the first to arrive, "but that doesn't matter here," declared the ultra-distance runner after the test. The other four participants in this extreme endurance challenge are Jason Lester (USA), Juan A. Craveri (Argentina), Chet Blanton (USA) and Christian Isakson (USA).

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With humidity reaching 37%, a headwind for 90 km, with four mountain passes and under tremendous tropical rain, Josef is showing himself fit and confident, as he declared hours before starting this extremely tough test: “ I do not remember a feeling of tranquility so similar to the current one. I imagine that the challenge is so great that, without a doubt, it makes all of us take these five days as an expedition”.

To the harshness of this challenge, never attempted until now in the history of the sport, we must add the adverse weather conditions: "The marathon has turned out to be very tough due to continuous ups and downs, in addition to the fact that the tropical rain has not stopped for a moment ”, affirmed Josef after reaching the finish line. "Swimming could not be done in the ocean as planned, since there were a lot of waves, so we had to swim in the pool."

Some interesting data: 145 beats per minute and 8.750 kcal consumed by Josef. In each stage of the Epic 5, a distance of 3,8 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42 km marathon are completed each day.

The participants are already on the island of Ohau, ready to start at dawn tomorrow with the next stage.

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