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Raúl Amatriain »I have realized that I must adapt the training to my life and not vice versa»

We interview Raúl Amatriain from Navarra, one of the triathletes with the greatest merit of the national scene.

Raúl Amatriain He has his weekly 40h job that he combines with training and competitions. Despite not being able to dedicate 100% to triathlon, it always shines in the competitions it attends and gets great results

Hi Raul, how was everything? I hope you started this 2016 very well. A triathlete like you who combines a weekly workday of 40h How is a week of yours combining workouts and work?

Very good, how are you? Yes, I'm still working, I've always worked (except for a couple of months) and the truth is that it's difficult to combine everything. I have said it many times, but I think the main thing that I got this last year has been to realize that I must adapt the training to my life and not vice versa. Realize that if one day I can not train, then nothing happens. Of course all this would be impossible without the support and understanding of my family and my wife above all, which is the one that suffers the most.

In the end I leave home to go to work at 7.30 in the morning and return at 18 hours. The issue of the early to train and I left, did not compensate me and it took a lot of bill. I try to train what I can, it's complicated because every time there is less time and more obligations, although I think I have a base generated all these years that saves my furniture a bit. With this and the hand of Gorka, you have to try to get the maximum performance possible while I have. I do not even reach the volumes I read out there, but well a typical week could be:

Swimming: 2 at most 3 days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I swim with Saltoki's teammates - Trikideak, who take my eyes out, so they make me squeeze my head.

Bike: I can only go out on the weekend, so I take the opportunity to make a longer run. I try to put 1 roller day during the week.

Race on foot: I usually take 3, at most 4 days of running.

This year, thanks to Sakro's collaboration, I am putting 2 strength sessions and preventive work, which I had never done before.

In the end it is about adapting: if I roll the roller, I remove 1 running or water session and vice versa. Depending on the season I am in and what interests me the most, Gorka is planning one thing or another.

Raul Amatriain in cycling

Last year you won in Ribadesella and you were second in Pamplona and Valencia, in addition to winning the NDS general and other good results. How do you summarize your 2015 season?

The season was very good in general. At the level of results it was very good, better than expected. In addition to these races I won for the second year the Spain Duathlon LD Championship, I was in the European Duathlon Championship, 2º also in Menorca ... I am aware that it is increasingly difficult to be up there, so it is nice to see that I am still being competitive

I enjoyed and had a good time both competing and training, although at the beginning it was difficult for me to take out the training I was doing. Winning the NDS general was a surprise that rewarded a bit the regularity I had in different tests.

Last year the first edition of the Half Triathlon Pamplona was played, the first MD triathlon in your city, I suppose it would be very special for you to compete against your people. How did you feel in the race?

Last year I had to suffer, I did not have my best day, but it was certainly worth it. This is the Triathlon that everyone who likes this sport and we are from here had once dreamed. Being able to run at home, ride a bike competing in the areas where I train most and end up running through the old part, with a slope of Santo Domingo kicked by friends and acquaintances is difficult to explain. I think that most of the runners here gave us goosebumps going up Santo Domingo.

El Half Triathlon Pamplona It was a success in its first edition… and for this second one, the registrations were exhausted months before the competition. What advice can you give to triathletes who debut this year?

The advice would be to enjoy it, I think it is a very beautiful and special race that you have to enjoy, to finish a Triathlon running along the run of the confinement, with the Santo Domingo slope full of people ... that's an extra.

At the organizational level I think it is a career that has very little or nothing to envy others with much more name. I think that last year they set the bar very high, although I am convinced that this year they will be overcome again. It is a triathlon where you try to make things easier for the triathlete and not only stay in a race where people go, run and leave without further ado, when they leave they do it with a good impression.

As far as the race is concerned, it is a triathlon that everyone with proper preparation you can do without problems: swimming is done in the Swamp of Alloz, a very good place to swim, where the greatest difficulty may be in the visibility of the buoys depending on how of the sun (hopefully there is sun). Although I know they already have several ideas in mind so that this does not happen.

The bike is very fast, to be coupled most of the time, although it has several steep, typical of this area that make you stand up. The biggest problem may be in the wind, since it is an area where it usually hits a lot of face air in the direction of the race and can make this segment more complicated, although there is nothing more to see the partials last year to realize that It is not complicated. And the running race is the icing on the cake.

Running through the city center is a plus. It is also true that this segment is the hardest, it has everything: ups, downs and a flat part to run at ease. You have to keep a little for this section, but rest assured that when you see the profile of the race crashes, but then we all want the climb to come.

Raul Amatriain in team time trial

And besides trying to win in Pamplona, ​​what are your main goals for 2016?

I tell you a little about the intentions that I have today, then it is possible that on the way there is some modification, but in principle this is the idea more or less: I will start running some duathlon here in Navarra and then the idea is to participate in he Spain Long Distance Duathlon Championship in Orihuela like these years. Then there is the Spain Duathlon Championship and of Team Time Trial, as far as duathlons are concerned.

As for triathlons, I have more or less thought about the calendar of the 1 part of the season: surely the debut is in Elche and then continue with the Half Pamplona and Valencia on Spain MD Championship. So far it is more or less clear.

From here it will be necessary to see how I am, time I have, holidays ... there are many ideas in my head, with many careers that I would like to sign up for, but from the summer there are more aspects to consider. I would love to return to Ibiza (I ran my first LD there), but for me to keep training until October is screwed, so we will have to go on the go. Between these triathlons I will run a shorter one, Aritzaleku Triathlon and surely some more. And if the team needs me to run some more tests and I can, well I'll be there. As I told you, the main thing is to continue enjoying, without overwhelming myself and making my life as good as possible with sport, on the 2015 line or better.

You are an all-terrain athlete, you compete in competitions without draftig in medium and long distance, but you also always meet your club in short tests. Saltoki is one of the national triathlon classics, which always tries to have a good participation in the great championships. How do you support athletes from the club?

The club does everything it can to support us. It is grateful for the work done by Gorka Blasko, Pablo Arrastia and Iñaki Garaio to be able to take all this forward. We are a humble club, with very little help and that gets oil with what little it receives. As a team, it is interesting to be in the championships of Spain and others, because the few grants they receive come from these competitions, so all these races the club bears the expenses.
From here, Gorka is a thinking head and is always trying to get things out to benefit the team components: agreements with different brands for discounts to athletes, find sponsors for the team ... all to give more facilities and get support for The club components.

Finally, who are your main sponsors for this season?

In this sense I feel very lucky. I still have the sponsorships of Ale for bike clothes, Compressport compression clothing, Victory Endurance with the whole subject of supplementation and Pinarello with the bikes. Apart from the collaborations: Bollé with the cycling goggles, FastForward with the bike wheels, Sailfish the neoprene, On with the running shoes and Sakro Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center for the theme of strength.

Thank you very much for the interview Raul, we hope that this 2016 you can shine as much or more than last year ... and above all, achieve the victory in Pamplona that you are so excited about.

Thank you very much, it is appreciated that you remember one.

Photos: Adolf Boluda / Photo Tri Pamplona / Iván Otero


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