Challenge Mogán 2024: Preview, schedules and where to see it live

This weekend, April 20, a new edition will be held Anfi Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria where hundreds of triathletes from 27 countries will be on the starting line.

In the women's category, there will be a great level with the German Svenja Thoes As one of the favorites.

Your main rival will be, Margie Santimaria although we will have to take into account triathletes such as Rebecca Robisch, who just won the Challenge Israman,  Lydia dant, Jeanne Collonge  o  Leonie Konzalla among others.

In the men's category the big favorite is Kristian Høgenhaug and will face  Dieter Comhair, Marcel Bolbat, dry matthys o Jack Hutchins.

Start list


Dorsal Name
PRO3 dry matthys
PRO4 Jack Hutchins
PRO5 Tom Vaelen
PRO6 Merten Breye
PRO7 Luke pollard
PRO8 Sam Wordley
PRO9 Casimir Moine
PRO10 Alex Woodman
PRO11 Maxence MEY
PRO12 Diego Martin Count
PRO14 Pim van Diemen
PRO15 Romain Garcin
PRO16 Baptiste Neveu
PRO17 Romain Rezsohazy
PRO19 Ugarte Ramos Mikel
PRO20 William draper
PRO21 Lars Lomholt
PRO23 Benjamin Goodfellow
PRO24 Kristian Høgenhaug
PRO25 Iestyn Harrett
PRO26 renning elischer
PRO451 Dieter Comhair


Dorsal Name
PRO31 Svenja Thoes
PRO32 Margie Santimaria
PRO33 Leonie Konzalla
PRO34 Jeanne Collonge
PRO35 Martha Lagownik
PRO36 Lydia dant
PRO37 Camille Angéle Deligny
PRO38 Joeanna Nielsen
PRO39 Justine Guérard
PRO40 Chloe Sparrow
PRO41 Melanie Maurer
PRO42 Rebecca PETRA Robisch
PRO43 Rachel Faulds
PRO44 Sarah Bonner
PRO45 Caro Lehrieder
PRO46 Rosie Wild
PRO47 Silvia Toscas
PRO48 carolina laurentiu
PRO49 Zaira Lorenzo Perez

25.000 € in prizes

This race not only has the incentive of 25.000 euros in prizes and a spectacular circuit, but it is the first scoring event for the Challenge Family Pro Athlete World Bonus 2024 'The Championship'

In 2023 the victory went to Mathis Margirier and Magda Nieuwoudt.

The Challenge Family World Bonus offers professional athletes the opportunity to compete for a $125.000 prize pool at the end of the season

Schedules and where to watch it live

El Anfi Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria, which will kick off on Saturday, April 20 with the starting signal at 8 a.m., can be followed around the world with live updates and timing on

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