Léo Bergère and Laura Madsen win the IRONMAN 70.3 Valencia

Two Spaniards in the Top 10

The city of Valencia today witnessed a vibrant edition of the first edition of the IRONMAN 70.3 Valencia  where the french Leo Bergere and the Danish Laura Madson They have won the victory in their respective categories.

In the men's category, the victory went to the Frenchman Leo Bergere, who has demonstrated his mastery in all three disciplines.

Bergère did not lead any of the stages, but his perseverance and constant pace allowed him to win the final victory with a time of 3:40:24.

The German Jan Stratman finished in second position with a time of 3:43:25, while the German Jannik Schaufler completed the podium in third place with a time of 3:43:26.

It is worth highlighting the performance of the Spanish Carlos Oliver Vives, who took ninth position with a time of 3:45:38.

Men's 10 Top

Position Name Time Difference
1 Leo Bergere 03:40:24 -
2 Jan Stratman 03:43:25 + 03: 01.09
3 Jannik Schaufler 03:43:26 + 03: 02.05
4 João Pereira 03:44:05 + 03: 40.55
5 Christophe De Keyser 03:44:23 + 03: 58.84
6 Michele Bortolamedi 03:44:44 + 04: 19.63
7 Joshua Lewis 03:45:00 + 04: 35.95
8 Sven Thalmann 03:45:22 + 04: 58.43
9 Carlos Oliver Vives 03:45:38 + 05: 13.63
10 Antony Costes 03:45:48 + 05: 24.08

It is also worth highlighting the performance of the Spanish Mantecón and Emilio Aguayo, who have completed their careers in notable positions.

In the women's category, the victory went to the Dane Laura Madson, who dominated the foot race to achieve the final victory with a time of 4:09:58.

The german Lena Meißner finished in second position with a time of 4:11:46, while the German Caroline Pohle He completed the podium in third place with a time of 4:12:11.

 The Spanish Judith Corachán Vaquera He took tenth position with a time of 4:17:57.

Top 10 female

Position Name Time Difference
1 Laura Madson 04:09:58 -
2 Lena Meißner 04:11:46 + 01: 47.77
3 Caroline Pohle 04:12:11 + 02: 12.72
4 Laura Philipp 04:13:27 + 03: 28.47
5 Charlene carnation 04:13:29 + 03: 30.18
6 lizzie rayner 04:13:58 + 03: 59.83
7 Luisa Iogna Prat 04:15:51 + 05: 52.31
8 Daniela Cleiser 04:17:00 + 07: 02.06
9 rebecca anderbury 04:17:20 + 07: 21.80
10 Judith Corachán Vaquera 04:17:57 + 07: 58.52

Spanish triathletes

The first Spanish athlete has been Carlos Oliver Vives, 9th classified, while the local triathlete from Mislata (Valencia), Roberto Sánchez Mantecón, was in twelfth position.

Among women, the triathlete Judith Corachan Cowgirl has entered the top 10 in tenth place, Laura Gomez Ramon 17ª and Sara Perez He has abandoned the foot race.

Roberto Sanchez Mantecon, At the end of the test, he noted that “Valencia is my city and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do the first IRONMAN 70.3 Valencia and I have enjoyed it a lot, the public has been incredible with me.

Thanks to them I was able to reach the finish line, because the last 5 kilometers were very hard for me.”, He said.

For her part, the first Spanish classified, Judith Corachan Cowgirl, who has returned to competing after motherhood, has said that “It has not been an easy time because combining everything becomes complicated and it was difficult for me to have the desire to compete again.

I have fought a lot to be on a starting line, because in part I also wanted to and for me to have achieved it, to feel competitive and to fight until the end was a challenge, and on top of that I have had a good race, because I am even more proud", has added.

All of them, along with thousands of popular triathletes, have enjoyed the IRONMAN® 70.3 Valencia in an authentic urban race through the city.

Starting with a swim in the Valencia Marina, a bike ride through the Serra de la Calderona (an impressive mountain range just 20km from the city centre) and, finally, a race along the Turia River with the finish line next to to the Museu de las Ciències building in the iconic City of Arts and Sciences.

In short, a triathlon that fuses an iconic location with incredible views and lush green nature.

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