New Supertri tests in the United States

La Super tri, the innovative professional triathlon league has announced the expansion of its 2024 calendar with two new events in the United States.

The events, supertri boston y supertri chicago, will take place on consecutive weekends in August.

A commitment to the growth of short distance triathlon

The addition of these two new events in the United States represents an important step in supertri's commitment to the growth of short distance triathlon in North America, particularly ahead of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

"We are focused on growth in key markets, and having two events in the United States is a significant development“said Michael D'hulst, CEO and co-founder of supertri. “We visit iconic locations and also have the opportunity to truly inspire by bringing supertri stardust to mass participation events".

Elite events in iconic locations

supertri boston will take place as part of the famous Boston Triathlon, while supertri chicago will take place at the Chicago Triathlon, the largest urban triathlon in the United States.

Both races will offer athletes the opportunity to compete on challenging and exciting courses in the heart of these vibrant cities.

Exciting and fast race format

All supertri league races will be contested in the unique supertri format, which consists of three continuous rounds of swimming, cycling and sprinting.

This fast, technical and tactical format offers an exciting spectacle for spectators and tests the skills of the world's best triathletes.

A global calendar for 2024

After the two races in the United States, the super tri league will head to Europe for four more events in London, Toulouse and NEOM.

 The 2024 calendar will conclude with a final in NEOM, Saudi Arabia.

Date Event Location
18 August supertri boston Boston, United States
25 August supertri chicago Chicago, United States
September 8 supertri london London, United Kingdom
October 6 supertri Toulouse Toulouse, France
November 3th supertri NEOM NOS, Saudi Arabia

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