Why is the Super League Triathlon changing its name to Super Tri?

La Super League Triathlon, a pioneering initiative in the world of triathlon has announced its name change to Super Tri.

This name change marks the beginning of a new era, symbolizing the growth and expansion of a vision that has been forged since its inception by Michael D'hulst, Leonid Boguslavsky, and Chris McCormack.

These sports visionaries have transformed their passion into a revolutionary movement, destined to inspire and entertain people around the world.

Since its beginnings, the now called Super Tri has constantly sought to innovate and exceed established limits. The transformation of Super League Triathlon to Super Tri reflects its ambition to not only be a benchmark in professional triathlon but also in the field of sports entertainment and social inclusion.

The name change to Super Tri It is accompanied by a new visual identity that represents the disciplines of swimming, cycling and running, and is projected into the future with a modern and avant-garde design.

This rebranding is the result of extensive research and collaboration with the triathlon community, confirming the commitment of Super Tri to enrich the sporting experience worldwide.

Super Tri It not only continues the tradition of offering high-quality and exciting competitions, but also introduces significant innovations to the sport.

With a clear vision towards the future, Super Tri is positioned as a brand, redefining the sport of triathlon and committing to inspiring an increasingly large community.

More information https://supertri.com/

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