Marta Sánchez will look for the Slot for Nice at the IRONMAN South Africa

The Spanish triathlete Marta Sanchez is in South Africa with a clear objective: to get one of the four slots for IRONMAN World Championships in Nice that are granted in the IRONMAN South Africa.

Sánchez, who has established herself as one of the best Spanish long-distance triathletes in the last year, arrives at this event with the ambition of adding a new milestone to her sporting career.

A demanding preparation

To face this challenge, Sánchez has carried out exhaustive preparation that has included a concentration on Kenya, cradle of great athletics champions.

This experience has allowed him to acclimatize to the altitude conditions and perfect his technique in the three disciplines that make up the IRONMAN: swimming, cycling and running.

His second IRONMAN

This will be Sánchez's second participation in an IRONMAN, after his debut at IRONMAN Portugal Cascais in 2023. On that occasion, the Spanish triathlete completed the test with a time of 10:34:21, finishing in eighth position demonstrating his ability to compete at the highest level.

A high level in the test

The competition at IRONMAN South Africa will be fierce. Among Sánchez's rivals, the presence of the Swiss stands out Daniela Ryf, five-time world champion, who is the main favorite to obtain one of the slots for Nice.

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In addition to his participation in the IRONMAN South Africa, Sánchez has taken advantage of his trip to share his experiences with his followers through his new YouTube Channel and today the recognition of the IRONMAN South Africa cycling circuit.

Port Elizabeth, the city where the test is held is also known as Nelson Mandela City, is a coastal city in South Africa located in the Eastern Cape province.

Known for its beautiful beaches, rich history and vibrant culture, Port Elizabeth is a popular tourist destination offering a wide variety of activities for visitors of all ages.

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