Changes to the 2024 World Triathlon Series calendar

The International Triathlon Federation (World Triathlon) has announced important changes to the calendar of the World Triathlon Series 2024.

The Montreal event, originally scheduled for September 14 and 15, has been cancelled, while the Weihai World Cup, scheduled for 27 of September, has been elevated to World Series status.

The reasons for the change

The cancellation of the Montreal event is due to “extensive consultation between World Triathlon, the Local Organizing Committee and Triathlon Canada,” according to the official statement. No further details have been given regarding the specific reasons for the cancellation.

A change with repercussions

The entry of Weihai on the calendar means that the 2024 World Triathlon Series will feature five events in total.

The other four are Yokohama (Japan), Cagliari (Italy), Hamburg (Germany) and the Grand Final of the championship in Torremolinos-Andalusia (Spain).

Qualification for the World Championship

With the cancellation of Abu Dhabi in March, qualification for the 2024 Triathlon World Championships will be based on the results of the four remaining World Series events (Yokohama, Cagliari, Hamburg and Weihai), the Continental Championships, the Olympic Games of Paris 2024 and the final of the championship in Torremolinos-Andalusia.

The athletes with the most points in three of those six potential events, plus the championship final, will be crowned 2024 triathlon world champions.

A new scenario for the triathlon elite

Weihai, located on the east coast of China, will host a World Triathlon Series event for the first time.

The city is known for its beautiful beaches and mild climate, making it an attractive location for triathlon athletes and fans.

The complete schedule of the 2024 World Triathlon Series:

  • March 11: World Triathlon Series Abu Dhabi (cancelled)
  • May 11: World Triathlon Series Yokohama
  • May 25: World Triathlon Series Cagliari
  • July 13-14: World Triathlon Series Hamburg
  • September 27: World Triathlon Series Weihai
  • October 17-20: Triathlon World Championship Final Torremolinos-Andalusia

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