Helena Moragas and David Cantero win the Quarteira Junior European Cup

The representation of the Spanish Triathlon Federation in the Quarteira European Cup has achieved two gold medals in the individual junior events held this morning in the neighboring country.

The Valencian David cantero and Catalan Helena Moragas They have achieved two victories in the tests held this morning in Quarteira, managing to prevail thanks to a devastating last segment of the race on foot.

In the Elite tests of the previous day, the Valencian Noelia Juan was the best of our representatives finishing in 9th position.

Helena Moragas, gold in females

The junior girls began the Sunday day, with five outstanding triathletes from swimming and among which were the Spanish Maite Jiménez-Orta, Marta Novo and Elsa Pena.

Behind Helena Moragas came out in a second group, which with her as one of the protagonists connected with the breakaways in the cycling segment.

With a large group entering together in the second transition, the places of honor would be decided in the skin race.

Helena took the lead of the test together with the British Lizzy Edge and Bethany Cook, whom she managed to release in the final part, entering the finish line alone and adding the first gold for Spain.

Behind her, Elsa was in 4th position, but had to stop at the penalty box and finally finished in 11th position, with Maite Jiménez-Orta XNUMXth.

Spanish Juniors Classification

  • 1th Helena Moragas
  • 10nd Elsa Pena
  • 11th Mª Teresa Jiménez-Orta
  • 14ª Sara Gimena
  • 18th Alejandra Segui
  • 19th Ainoa Gontan
  • 30th Marta Novo
  • 31st Nieves Navarro
  • 36th Isabel Navarro
  • 44th April Estrade
  • 52nd Beatriz Arruza

David Cantero, gold in boys

In the junior men's event, the script followed was very similar to that of the women's race. A small cut in swimming formed first, with an escaped group of five triathletes. From behind, the large group began the chase with several Spaniards such as David Cantero, Pelayo González, Miqui Riera or Miguel Guzmán, among them.

The escapees were absorbed by the great peloton before reaching the second transition, at which time Pelayo and Cantero star in a great transition that places them among the top five.

Pelayo was losing positions due to some discomfort caused by losing a nail at the entrance to swimming that did not allow him to run at 100%.

Ahead of him, David Cantero took the lead of the test along with the French Léo Fernández and Thomas Hansmaennel.

If Helena had to do with two English women in the fight for gold, in the case of the Valencian, her fight would be with two English men.

But with the same ending, with victory for the young Spanish triathlete who prevailed with solvency in the last section on foot.

In fourth position, and gaining several positions in the last segment, Miqui Riera entered. While Miguel Guzmán, who was in 8th position, saw how he finished 11th due to his stoppage in the penalty box.

Classification Spanish Juniors 

  • 1st David Cantero
  • 4th Miqui Riera
  • 11th Miguel Guzman
  • 19th Pelayo Gonzalez
  • 23rd Pao Millo
  • 31st Jose Ramon Jimenez
  • 45th Paul Leon
  • 57th Salvador Martinez
  • 61º Pablo Alonso

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