Do you want to know what Ivan Raña thinks about how the men's test of the London 2012 Olympic Games will be developed?

As we read in Xavi Llobet's Blog, the Catalan triathlete echoes Ivan Raña's analysis of the men's race at the Olympic Games.

“It will be a fast swim, possibly with some cut. Without a doubt, in the group of favorites there will be people who will risk it on a bike. We will see two types of runners: those who will wait for something to happen and those who will attack. Although, on top of the bike, I don't think the group of favorites will break.

I would bet on a small bike cut but in all probability it will not reach the finish line. Considering that the roosters will be watched and marked to the maximum, you can provoke anything.

On foot, without a doubt, it will be the fastest race in history. The weather is not usually devastating due to the heat, the circuits are completely flat and the bike will not take its toll on the muscles, so in the third segment the rhythms will be the highest seen”.

He also tells his impressions of the next Rio 2016 Olympics

“I don't see the Rio 2016 Games far away at all. True, I won't be in London, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be able to go now. In fact I did not meet some criteria but by ranking it could be. Defending the place with an injury (stress fracture in the 5th metatarsal) like the one I had was very complicated. With each passing race the experience increases and, without a doubt, in the Olympics this factor can help you a lot, for this reason I do not rule out being in Rio 2016. Also, recovering a high level on foot after my season as a cyclist is difficult, once recovered keeping it easier. This year I have not been able to get it out, I was injured when I least expected it. Fortunately, right now my foot is perfect and I really want to crush. In 2013 I will continue to be linked to the Olympic distance and I will prepare in time for some important long-distance race, where I want to see what level I can reach”.

From Triathlon News we can only wish our triathletes good luck who will compete in both the Female category (next August 4) and the Male category (August 7) ​​in these 2012 Olympic Games


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