Javier Gómez Noya'The Olympic medal is what I need to win'

The triathlete Javier Gómez Noya, European, world and World Cup champion, admitted that the Olympic medal is the only prestigious one missing from his extensive record and that he will try to get it in the next London Games to remove the thorn from Peking. “I've only had one chance at the Games. In Athens I think I had the level to be there and they left me out of the team. I have lived a few and I have been fourth. Looking a little at the list of winners, it is the medal that I am missing and the one that I would love to win ”, he said.

Gómez Noya (Basel, 1983) touched the Olympic metal in Beijing 2008, when poor digestion of a gel and discomfort in the Achilles tendon relegated him to fourth place, despite being the great favorite in all the polls.

“Those who count medals put it as a safe medal. You learn from everything. From the Olympic experience I learned not to stress too much in preparation, because the body has a limit. If you don't respect the breaks, it ends up breaking, as it happened to me in Beijing, and you end up injuring yourself, ”she explained. In London he will have a second opportunity to endorse his extensive background in the discipline of triathlon at the Games, where he has won everything, although, cautiously, he prefers not to get wet and affirms that his objective is to give the best of itself. “I sign to give the maximum of my performance. Perhaps you finish fifth doing the race of your life, but I would not like to be third having the level to finish first. What you have to deal with is not to make mistakes that day, ”he stressed.

Facing him will be mainly the Brownlee brothers: “Without a doubt the biggest rivals are the two of them. We have seen in recent years that they have a very high level”.


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