Regulations of Uniformity in Spanish Triathlon and Duathlon Championships

The Spanish Triathlon Federation has sent this statement that deals with uniformity in the Spanish Championships in Olympic distance and short distance Duathlon.


• To compete in the Spanish Elite Duathlon and Triathlon Championships, athletes must comply with the following regulations of


to. Offer a clean and professional image of our sport, to sponsors and the media
b. Provide sponsors with reasonable spaces and in homogeneous spaces

General Requirements

to. These regulations are applicable to all uniforms worn during the competition, including garments that for weather reasons are
authorized to wear over the competition garment
b. Preferably the uniforms must be one piece. In the case of two-piece uniforms, both parts must be superimposed and
stay throughout the competition.
c. Zippers must be on the back of the uniform, and their length must not exceed 30 cm
d. The uniform must be worn on both shoulders throughout the competition


Name of the Sportsman

to. Athletes must understand the importance of athlete identification to the media and spectators. The athlete's name must
be at the front and at the back, as indicated in the diagram at the end of the document. The printing of the name must
carried out under the following criteria:


i. The source must be Arial
ii. The letters must be all uppercase, unless the name has more than 9 characters, in which case lowercase letters will be used with the exception of the first


i. If the uniform has a dark color, the letters must be white. If the uniform is clear, the letters must be black


i. Front: Position must be on top of uniform
ii. Back: Has to be visible when the athlete is in the cycling segment
iii. Height: Minimum 5 cm
iv. Width: Between 12 cm and 15 cm



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