Good test of the Skechers GOrun Alpha Tempo, bronze in the walking world championship

Last Sunday in Antalya (Türkiye), the marcher Diego García Carrera was proclaimed world team champion in the event of 20km march, thanks to a spectacular third place that, in addition to helping Spain win gold, made him an individual bronze medalist and the third best walker in the world.

To perform this feat, the Spanish walker used the slippers Skechers GOrun Alpha Tempo, a model that the firm has provided exclusively to him to compete at the highest level throughout this season.

A podium with Skechers flavor

During the test, after which he was very happy with the sensations that his new shoes gave him, García Carrera gave a lesson in restraint and capacity for suffering, holding out until the end in the leading group.

In the final kilometers, to which he arrived well positioned, the Madrid athlete gave a strong acceleration that allowed him to stop the clock at 1h19:51, reach the individual podium as the third best distance walker in the world and contribute decisively to the achievement of this important title for the Spanish team.

The Skechers GOrun Alpha Tempo: Sneakers with cutting-edge technology

The Skechers GOrun Alpha Tempo, with some of the best technologies developed by the company, is a highly cushioned and high-performance racing shoe designed to offer the best competitive advantages and ensure that each athlete can beat their own records.

This ultralight shoe (249g in size 42 for men and 193g in size 41 for women) with a 4mm drop provides rapid rotation with running economy in mind, supported by the most cutting-edge Skechers Performance technologies, such as:

  • La removable Arch Fit® insole and its extraordinary support for the arch of the foot.
  • La Hyper Burst Pro™ cushioning, made of TPU, high response, ultralight, durable and resistant.
  • LHyper Arc™ technology, which favors efficiency in each stride.
  • La carbon infused H plate, patent pending, which offers an extremely high stiffness-to-weight ratio and promotes stability and energy return.
  • LGoodyear® sole to improve traction, stability and durability.

A model for demanding runners

The Skechers GOrun Alpha Tempo is ideal for medium weight runners with neutral footprints who already have good running technique, a decisive requirement to enjoy all its technologies in the medium and even long distance at medium and fast paces.

Skechers: A commitment to high performance

Diego García Carrera's success at the World Walking Championships with the Skechers GOrun Alpha Tempo is a new example of Skechers' commitment to high performance and technological innovation in the field of sports footwear.

The American firm, which has a large team of elite athletes in different disciplines, constantly works to develop products that help them achieve their highest goals.

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