Zoggs presents its 2024 catalog to the press in Madrid

On April 10, we were able to attend the official presentation of the reference brand for swimming and triathlon: Zoggs, where a wide range of references were shown to cover all the needs of the market. We will tell you!

It is known by everyone for its flagship model of glasses, the Zoggs Predator.

In line with its quality, during the press event we tested other glasses references that were created to meet the different demands of swimmers/triathletes along with their new models of swimsuits among which the thermal ones stood out.

However, the highlight without a doubt was having the opportunity to test the new collection of neoprenes, made up of 17 different models.

Suits that combine performance, style and sustainability, also featuring high quality materials (Yamamoto that maximizes buoyancy and flexibility) and that offered us excellent sensations.

This range includes the Predator, Hypex and Explorer lines, and each of them “levels” differentiated in features and prices, designed for all types of swimmers and triathletes, from those looking for maximum buoyancy to those looking for the highest performance, passing through the medium ranges.

If you are looking for a wetsuit for this season, this is your opportunity.

Also, if you go to the website now and register, you can get a 15% discount: https://www.zoggs.com/es_ES/

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