Santini X IRONMAN: Enigma and Viper Zephyr, the latest additions to the triathlon collection

The proposal Santini X IRONMAN dedicated to long-distance triathlon, this season presents new models for lovers of this sport.

The new Enigma and Viper Zephyr lines They are designed to offer performance and comfort without compromise.

Enigma, designs for superior performance

The Enigma line includes two suits, one for men and one for women, designed for great performance as well as comfort in competition.

In addition, this line has a short-sleeved t-shirt, a sleeveless t-shirt, and shorts for both men and women.

The design is minimalist but very visible. The IRONMAN logo has been placed in a well-defined font, reminiscent of a series of black dots, giving it a technological touch and a futuristic aura.

The Enigma triathlon suit has been designed to guarantee a Optimal fit and high level performance.

Made with an innovative fabric that promotes quick drying, improves performance during swimming and facilitates transitions between disciplines. Internal grip on the bottom of the legs ensures a perfect fit.

Mesh sides and sleeves increase breathability, offering UPF30 protection.

Both back pockets With side openings they are practical for storing bars and gels.

The exclusive specific IMG chamois for triathlon with Tower Gel core guarantees maximum comfort during running, absorbing impacts during cycling without retaining water during swimming.

Santini X IRONMAN: Enigma – Features

Feature Description
garment type Triathlon Monkey
Gender Man and woman
Integrated Minimalist and visible
Knitwear Innovative quick drying
Adjustment Optimal for high-level performance
Comfort Internal honeycomb grip on lower legs, sides and mesh sleeves
Protection UPF30
Pockets Two back pockets with side slits
Whitewash Triathlon-specific IMG with Tower Gel core
Price €250

Viper Zephyr Line: Aerodynamics and comfort

The Viper Zephyr line consists of a triathlon suit, where the design is based on a game of colors and contrasts, mixing retro pixels with modern, abstract graphics reminiscent of precious stones and constellations.

Developed by Santini for its professional athletes, offers a streamlined fit with elongated sleeves and legs, Optimized for performance during the cycling phase.

This model has been tested in a wind tunnel to maximize aerodynamic efficiency, The upper part of the jumpsuit is made with Arctic UPF50+ fabric to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

The sleeves are finished with a heat seal to keep them in place, while the leg area has a compression fabric for better grip.

Viper Zephyr has an IMG pad, specifically designed for triathlon and made with a Tower Gel core. It is a very thin and light chamois, quick-drying, that does not absorb water and guarantees greater breathability than the normal gel chamois.

Feature Description
garment type Triathlon Monkey
Gender Man and woman
Integrated Intense play of colors and contrasts
Knitwear Wind tunnel tested to maximize aerodynamic efficiency
Adjustment Streamlined with elongated sleeves and legs
Comfort Triathlon-specific IMG chamois with Tower Gel core
Protection UPF50 +
Pockets -
Whitewash Triathlon-specific IMG with Tower Gel core
Price €300

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