SYMBIOSIS by INVERSE: 100% Toxic-Free Clothing

reverse presents its new range of jerseys “Symbiosis“, made with natural and biodegradable pigments, without sacrificing performance or style.

The INVERSE “Symbiosis” collection shows the brand positioning with respect for the environment.

With this new range it has been the first brand to use natural pigments to dye your jerseys.

This innovative technique reduces the environmental impact of textile production, eliminating the use of toxic and allergic substances, which benefits everyone.

Two models

Gea jersey

A casual and comfortable design without a zipper, ideal for those looking for a more casual style. Available in Rubus and Clay colors, inspired by nature.

Price: 75,00€

Genesis Jersey

A technical jersey with a magnetic zipper and a regular fit cut, perfect for the most demanding riders. Available in Root, Indigo and Zinc colors, which evoke the harmony of the planet.

Price: 89,50€

Collaborating with the environment

By choosing this garment, it is the athletes themselves who become an active part in the change towards sustainability, contributing to a better future for our planet.

The Spanish brand Inverse continues to establish itself as a leader in textile innovation by offering a range of high-quality products that not only satisfy the needs of cyclists, but also care about caring for the environment.

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