The FORM Smart Swim 2 Augmented Reality Swimming Goggles arrive

FORM, the Official Eyewear Partner of the T100 Triathlon World Tour, has presented the FORM Smart Swim 2, the augmented reality swimming goggles that redefine the open water swimming experience.

Innovation at the service of the triathlete

The FORM Smart Swim 2 integrates a heart rate monitor on swimmer's temple, offering accurate real-time heart monitoring.

Additionally, SwimStraightTM technology, a built-in digital compass, facilitates navigation in open water, reducing course deviations and optimizing swimming efficiency.

The FORM Smart Swim 2 have been endorsed by World Triathlon and USA Triathlon, which guarantees their acceptance in official competitions.

Kristian Blummenfelt, Olympic and world triathlon champion, trusts in the FORM Smart Swim 2

"These glasses offer me the information I need to train and compete at the highest levell,” says Blummenfelt. “They are an invaluable tool for any triathlete who wants to improve their performance.”

Optimized design for a superior experience

The FORM Smart Swim 2 are a 15% smaller than its predecessor, and they fit perfectly to the face thanks to their patented eye seals and five arched nose bridges.

Smart training with HeadCoachTM

FORM has updated its HeadCoachTM digital training technology, now offering personalized analysis and training in real time directly from the glasses, improving the technique and performance of the swimmer.

Availability and price

The FORM Smart Swim 2 is available for purchase by $249.00/£229.00/€249.00 en and in stores specialized in multisports.

All purchases include a free two-month trial of FORM Premium, which provides access to workouts, training plans, and more.

The FORM Smart Swim 2 is a revolutionary tool that opens up new possibilities in open water swimming training.

With its cutting-edge technology and optimized design, these goggles are destined to become an essential item for triathletes and swimmers of all levels.

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