Polar presents the new Polar Grit X2 Pro outdoor watch

Polar, a world leader in sports technology for training, health and well-being for almost 50 years, announces the new generation of its outdoor range with the arrival of a new ultra-resistant watch capable of facing all types of adventures: Polar Grit X2 Pro.

  • AMOLED color touch screen.
  • Sapphire crystal, steel (79g) or titanium (64g) front case.
  • Dual GPS and offline maps.
  • Up to 140 hours of training.
  • Polar Elixir™: optical pulse, ECG, SpO2, wrist HR and nighttime skin temperature.
  • Barometric altimeter, VAM and vertical speed.
  • 24/7 recording: activity, recovery and sleep.
  • +150 sport profiles.
  • Military durability MIL-STD 810H, flashlight.
  • Smartwatch functions.
  • Compatible with Strava and Komoot.

The spectacular design of the new watch stands out at first glance; Very bright AMOLED touch screen, anti-scratch sapphire glass lens, highly resistant steel front casing and weighing only 79g.

Its dual-frequency GPS offers powerful navigation features, such as offline maps and route tracking with turn-by-turn directions.

In addition, it incorporates Powered by Polar Elixir™ biosensor technology (HR on the wrist ECG, Sp02, nighttime skin temperature) and advanced training, recovery and sleep functions.

Polar Grit X2 Pro It is available in three versions: black, silver and titanium. The version Grit X2 Pro Titanium It is an even lighter device (64g), with a titanium bezel, brown leather strap and an additional black one included in the pack.

Polar's new most premium outdoor sports watch comes as a result of decades of science, innovation and dedication. It is stylish, classic looking, with a rugged design and extreme durability, making it the perfect companion for anyone who wants to explore further on any terrain and under any conditions.

"Science, precision and determination are the values ​​we have incorporated into our Grit X Pro watches, which have long been popular with the military, firefighters and those who train in the most demanding conditions.

With Polar Grit X2 Pro We have taken that precision, durability and design to the next level, offering biosensor technology and sports functions giving its users the possibility to explore their own abilities and the world around them with complete confidence and style.'” comments Sander Werring, CEO of Polar Electro.

To navigate with complete confidence

 The new Polar Grit X2 Pro It is manufactured to the latest 810H military standards, meaning its durability is more than capable of withstanding the most demanding conditions, including high altitude, low pressure, high and low temperature exposure, submersion, corrosion and other adverse circumstances.

It offers unmatched confidence to intrepid explorers and adventurers in outdoor navigation thanks to its high-precision dual GPS and new signal booster antenna.

Polar Grit X2 Pro It features a full suite of navigation features including topographic maps, the new Breadcrumbs feature, route tracking with turn-by-turn directions, and compatibility with Komoot and Strava (gift of a free zone on komoot and 60 days of Premium subscription on Strava).

The clock comes pre-installed with detailed maps of Europe and North America (buildings, parks, major road networks, streets and waterways).

To maximize the topographic map experience, the user can download even more detailed maps with contour lines and additional regions for free in the Polar Flow web service.

In addition to advanced navigation features, Polar Grit X2 Pro Sets the standard for the best outdoor adventures with up to 140 hours of battery life in eco training mode, up to 43 hours in maximum precision training mode, and up to 10 days in watch mode.

It has a built-in flashlight and 32 GB of storage to save training data, maps and multiple routes for offline use.

Everything you need in a single device

Polar remains true to its commitment to providing comprehensive training tools and Polar Grit X2 Pro is another example of this. Its new functions are perfect for those who want to progress in sports and activities in nature.

On trail runs, hikes and rides, the user will see their vertical speed, as well as their 30-second average rate of ascent (VAM) on rough terrain, in real time. And the 3D speed metric calculates their actual speed as they move up and forward.

Data is displayed with great clarity and sharpness thanks to the 1.39″ high-resolution AMOLED touchscreen with 326 dpi, which is 15% larger than previous generations of the Grit X family.

All this extra space allows for better viewing of the multiple widgets, dashboards, workout views, and watch faces.

As a novelty, in this model, Polar has incorporated a new digital dial with a retro design inspired by the 80s.

At the core of Polar Grit X2 Pro is Polar Elixir™, the innovative biosensor technology that offers functions such as maximum reliability in optical pulse measurement, ECG reading on the wrist in just a few seconds, detection of blood oxygen level (SpO2) and nightly recording of skin temperature.

For those seeking to maximize their performance, in Polar Grit X2 Pro You will find an inseparable companion 24/7 who will provide you with personalized training, recovery and sleep guides.

This holistic vision of your preparation, your fitness and your night's rest, together with the outdoor functions and elegant design, make Polar's latest novelty a unique watch in its category.


From March 20 Polar Grit X2 Pro It will be available for pre-sale.

On April 3, the first units will begin to be served to all sales channels (subject to availability).   

RRP Price

  •  Polar Grit X Pro Black: €749.90
  • Polar Grit X2 Pro Black HR: €799.90 (includes Polar H10 HR sensor)
  • Polar Grit X2 Pro Silver: €749.90
  • Polar Grit X2 Pro Titan: €869.90 (includes brown leather strap and black silicone strap)

More information in polar.com/en/grit-x-2-pro



  • Made in steel, sapphire crystal lens anti-scratch.
  • AMOLED touch screen 1,39” high resolution. With 326 pixels per inch (ppi), information data looks very sharp and bright. The maximum brightness is 1050 nits.
  • Extremely light (79g).


  • Dual GPS and new antenna design. Faster location times and more accurate positioning data anywhere. The dual system with multiple satellite frequency bands (L1 / L5) eliminates GPS location errors usually caused by interference such as tall buildings, densely populated forests or extreme conditions. Reduce interference in areas of tall buildings and adverse weather conditions.
  • Offline maps. Detailed downloadable maps for a great topographical experience. Two preloaded regions: Europe and North America. Zoom range: 700km/20m. Ability to download more regions and continents for free in Polar Flow.
  • Turn-by-turn routes and directions. Compatibility with the komoot route planner, allowing synchronization of detailed routes and tracking with turn-by-turn directions.
  • Strava routes. Polar offers the possibility of synchronizing routes from Strava. With a Strava premium subscription, the user gets access to their route planner. You can create a new route or select the route uploaded by a friend and convert it to a route.
  • Breadcrumbs (breadcrumb trail navigation). It allows you to retrace your steps on any map following a trail of geotagged markers, providing extra confidence to explore safely.
  • Barometric altimeter and performance details. The route and altitude profiles allow you to know the current position, the ascent, the descent and how much remains to go. Furthermore, the function Hill Splitter™ provides a detailed analysis of each slope on the route.
  • Average rate of ascent (VAM) and vertical speed (3D). Measures the speed of ascent and descent providing more accurate data. It allows you to better understand ascending or descending movements on uneven terrain.
  • The AMOLED screen is so bright that it allows you to activate this gadget from the main screen and move through the darkness.

 POLAR ELIXIR™ Biosensor Technology 

Polar's next generation of sensor fusion technology measures more physiological and mechanical data from the human body than any previous technology, analyzing a spectrum of biological markers to provide the best insights and personalized guidance in sport and life.

  • ECG on the wrist. EKG measurement anytime, anywhere in seconds by simply placing your finger on the unlock button. Provides information about the user's cardiovascular health and recovery without the need for an external sensor.
  • blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). In 30 seconds the sensor measures the level of oxygen saturation in the blood. It is a key indicator of general well-being.
  • Optical pulse on the wrist (OHR). The combination of 3 green LEDs and 2 red LEDs with different wavelengths has resulted in a watch with the most accurate and reliable wrist heart rate measurement to date.
  • Nighttime skin temperature. Records nightly changes compared to the average of the last 28 days. It is an indicator of the internal rhythm and state of health.

 Training, recovery, activity and sleep 

  • Performance and recovery tests. Fitness Test™, Running Test™, Walking Test™, Orthostatic Test™, Recovery Pro™ help the athlete know their state of fitness, avoid over- or under-training, reduce the risk of injuries and optimize their recovery. All this information is completed with personalized guides to maximize performance in any sport.
  • FitSpark™. Provides personalized advice and daily adaptive training proposals based on the user's current physical condition and disposition.
  • Food and energy reminders. FuelWise™ helps maintain energy levels especially during endurance training or racing. The Energy Sources tool will monitor your energy expenditure and divide your energy intake into carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
  • Swimming metrics. The new algorithm uses the barometer in addition to the accelerometer and gyroscope to provide accurate data in pool and open water. Measures swimming performance to provide a unique experience to the swimmer.
  • +150 sport profiles.
  • 24/7 activity log. Measure every movement and set daily activity goals with reminders for inactivity, calories burned, steps, etc.
  • Sleep analysis and night recovery. Automatic Nightly Recharge™, Sleep Plus Stages™ and SleepWise™ features provide detailed data on your night's sleep. These will be key to optimal recovery, knowing the levels of vitality to face the next day and promoting good rest habits.

Smartwatch Features 

  • Mobile notifications. Possibility of staying connected at all times and receiving on the watch screen all the messages that appear on your mobile (whatsapps, messages, calls).
  • Music controls. Quick access to navigate the playlist and adjust the volume right on the watch.
  • Widgets and configurable screens. Customizing the information you want to see on the watch's home screen and quick access to the functions you use most.
  • Voice guidance. The user can receive all important training information or instructions during personalized Fitspark™ workouts through voice prompts (headset required).
  • When using Polar Grit X2 Pro together with the Sennheiser MOMENTUM SPORT headphones, The user will easily see their real-time internal body temperature data on the watch during training. The Sennheiser MOMENTUM SPORT headphones Powered by Polar, will go on sale worldwide on April 9, 2024.


  • MIL810-H military standards. high strength and durability. Prepared to face the most extreme conditions (high altitude, low pressure, exposure to high and low temperatures, immersion and corrosion). Capable of operating in an extreme temperature range from -20°C to +50°C.
  • WR: 100m.
  • CPU processing speed. 275MHz processor. 129% faster CPU than its predecessor Polar Grit X Pro making screen transitions easier.
  • Long duration battery:
    • Up to 140 hours training in eco mode
    • Up to 43 hours with GPS and OHR activated at maximum precision
    • Up to 10 days in smartwatch mode
  • 32GB of storage. Large storage capacity to save different map regions on the watch.
  • USB-C charger. The Polar Charge 2.0 charging cable is compatible with the USB-C connector for a better user experience.  

Polar Grit X2 Pro Titan Edition 

Includes the features described above, plus: 

  • Premium Front Housing Made of aerospace titanium instead of steel, providing extra strength and lightness.
  • Ultra-lightness. Weight of only 64g.
  • Additional brown leather strap with antibacterial cork interior lining to offer maximum comfort and breathability.

Other characteristics 

  • Size: 48,6 × 48,6 × 13,4 mm
  • Weight ::
    • Steel version: 79g with strap, 60g without strap.
    • Titanium version: 64g with strap, 46g without strap.
  • Interchangeable 22mm straps. Multiple customization options depending on the occasion. A wide variety of materials, textures and designs to choose from to combine different styles.
  • PolarFlow. The app and web service ecosystem offers a highly visual platform for planning, analysis, performance reporting and much more.

Straps included in the box:

Steel version:

  • S: for wrist circumferences 130 – 190 mm
  • ML: for wrist circumferences 145 – 215 mm

Titanium version:

  • S: for wrist circumferences 130 – 190 mm
  • ML: for wrist circumferences 145 – 220 mm (black silicone)
  • ML: for wrist circumferences 145 – 215 mm (brown leather)

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