Review Polar Grit X

It is designed for high performance, so it includes the Top features,

Since Polar announced the launch of its new star watch the Yelled X, We have been wanting to try it, to see new features it includes.

The first thing to keep in mind is that this watch is thought for high performance, so it includes the Top of features, if you want to get the most out of it. its RRP is € 429,90.

It is intended for outdoor sports loversAs Triathletes, r, Trail runners, cyclists, etc.

Unlike other models, it has a built-in built-in compass and altimeter in training mode, in addition to the detection of difference in real timel and the section of smart food and drink reminders.

Video presentation of the Polar Grit X

What does the Polar Grit X include?

  • The Polar Grit X watch
  • Power cord
  • User's manual
  • Informative note

Ideal for the most demanding athletes

If you are one of those, who want to have control over your training, routes, departure planning, this watch is designed for you,

This fully thought for Outdoo trainingr, where the first thing that has caught our attention is its weather alerts.

On the main screen comes the hourly forecast of our area and if we access the program, it gives us a lot pressure information, temperature, etc. for the next 2 days.


Very light

The first thing we noticed was its weight (64 grams with strap), for the size it is it is super light and you hardly notice that you are wearing it


As usual in the brand, it has a full color touch screen, large (1,2 ”) phermiting reading the data at a glance.


Their buttons are big and rough, which facilitates its use, works like the rest of the Polar models, with the central (red) as the main "Enter"


The model, it has 3 colors white, black and green

You can customize the strap such as the case and back cover. Strap, Silicone, textile, leather (Black, Silver, Silver and White

Configuration from the APP

Before starting to enter the clock menus, lto Polar Flow application, allows you to configure your profile or if you already have another Polar, use another device with your account,

It is iIt is important to synchronize through the application  installed on the Smartphone and not from the phone settings to avoid future synchronization errors

With just a few clicks, you will have everything ready to train.

Battery duration

As expected, the battery life has been very goodWe have been testing it fully functional at almost 40 hours and perfect.

How can configure the update (in time) of the GPS, is the key data for battery life, we have tested it to a 1 second update and continuous HR.

The brand announces that it can last up to 100 hours without the need to recharge disabling or setting down some features

In addition, you will see an estimate of autonomy of the device in training that adjusts to the parameters of each sport profile

Data views on the watch

With a menu, simple each training mode has multiple screens with lots of data editable through the Polar Flow application or the Polar Flow web service as usual for the brand.

Using the buttons you can access more data like your training zones or something very interesting like the current gap for which you are doing sports

Pre-installed workout routines

The Polar Git X has many sports settings pre-installed such as:

Walking, Cycling, Running, Multisport, Other Indoor, Triathlon, HIT, Swimming, Indoor Cycling, Treadmill Running, Other Outdoor, Strength training, Hiking or Mountain Biking.

Another interesting point is that up to 20 profiles can be added sport on the watch, choosing from the offer of 130 that Polar has

Diet and hydration reminders

New to this watch is the section on diet and hydration reminders

You can configure it in 2 ways, one manual and the other automatic.

In the automatic, you only have to put the training time, intensity , And the number of carbohydrates per serving that you are going to eat.

Adjusts to changes made during training and will modify the time interval in which the reminders are produced to suit your needs.

Real-time measurement of ups and downs

With the function called Hill Splitteryou will see real-time information on climbs, descents, etc.

Guided workouts

The training guide FitSpark by Polar, offers you daily training plans based on your recovery, disposition and training history.

Te will offer between 2 and 4 trainings what can you do that day (strength, cardio, core or dynamic mobility)

Strava Segments Option

The watch has a section exclusively dedicated to Strava segments

You can mark your favorite segments through the applications that will be uploaded in real time to Strava when it synchronizes

Regarding training, the clock will warn you when you are approaching, when you start and end the segment.


It is the Polar software, It has a Web version and an App. With just one button, the clock data is synchronized with the mobile, without having to connect the clock to the PC to upload the training data.

This training platform is very complete, gives you reports on your progress, you can see in depth your workouts, etc.

Lets upload custom workouts, see your sleep statistics, activity history, etc.

Integration with the Komoot platform

A novelty is its integration with the Komoot platform, where you can download or upload your training routes or the new ones you want to do with real-time directions at each intersection or turn.

Plus the included Polar PRO features

In addition, the Polar Grit X has all the polar functionalities, including the running power on foot, the sleep phase analyzer, the Serene relaxation method, field test to know your zones, etc.

In conclusion, it is a watch:

  • Very light
  • Ideal for outdoor sports
  • Very good for triathlon
  • Difference in real time
  • Very good battery life
  • Nutrition and hydration reminders (personalized or automatic)
  • Access to real-time weather data

Where to buy?

You can buy the new Polar Grit X on the official website of the brand.

PVPR: 429,90 €


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