HOKA Mach 6: The running revolution without a carbon plate

The HOKA Mach 6 goThey burst onto the market as a completely renewed shoe, redefining the concept of speed without a carbon plate.

This model, ideal for triathletes and runners looking for lightness, response and comfort In its training and competitions, it presents a series of innovations that make it an exceptional option for those looking to push their limits.

Mach 6 news:

Single layer SCF EVA foam

The main novelty of the Mach 6 lies in the incorporation of single-layer SCF EVA foam in the midsole.

This new foam provides a more reactive and responsive ride, propelling the runner with each stride.

Inspiration from the Mach

The Mach 6 is inspired by the successful Mach X, incorporating a Creel Jacquard mesh in the upper that offers breathability and lightness. Additionally, the shoe's construction resembles the Mach X, with a focus on lightness and efficiency.

Outsole with greater grip and durability

The sole of the Mach 6 has been redesigned with a strategic rubber coating that provides minimal weight and greater durability. The rubber distribution is similar to that of the Cielo X1, which guarantees exceptional grip on all types of surfaces, even on wet asphalt.


The Mach 6 stands out for its lightness, weighing only 189 grams in size 40 (8 US W) and 232 grams in size 44 (10 US M).

5 millimeter drop

The Mach 6 maintains a drop of 5 millimeters, ideal for runners looking for a shoe with a smooth and natural transition.

Competitive price

The Mach 6 has a price of 160 euros, positioning itself as a competitive option within the high-performance running shoe market.

Benefits for triathletes and runners:

  • Speed ​​without carbon plate: The Mach 6 offers exceptional response and propulsion without the need for a carbon plate, ideal for those looking for a more versatile shoe adaptable to different types of training.
  • Lightness and comfort: The lightness and flexibility of the Mach 6 make it an ideal shoe for long distances, providing comfort and freshness throughout the journey.
  • Breathability and grip: The Creel Jacquard mesh and strategically designed sole guarantee optimal breathability and exceptional grip on any surface.
  • Durability: The new sole of the Mach 6 offers greater durability, making it an ideal shoe for regular use.

HOKA Mach 6: Features Table

Feature Description
Weight : 189 grams (size 40)
Drop 5 mm
Price 160 €
Cushioning Single layer SCF EVA foam
Upper Creel Jacquard Mesh
Sole Rubber with strategic design
Technology meta rocker
Recommended use Daily training, long distance running
Type of broker Neutral corridors
Advantages Light, reactive, breathable, comfortable, versatile

HOKA Mach 6: The ideal choice for:

  • Triathletes and runners looking for speed without a carbon plate.
  • Athletes looking for a light, comfortable and versatile shoe for their training and competitions.
  • Runners looking for a shoe with a 5 millimeter drop.
  • Triathletes looking for a shoe with good grip on different surfaces.


The HOKA Mach 6 represents a leap forward in the world of running without a carbon plate.

Its innovative SCF EVA foam, lightweight, adaptable design, and competitive price make it an exceptional choice for triathletes and runners looking to push their limits.

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