Training and adventure at Easter: Explore Spain with the Roadsurfer Camper

The growing popularity of camper getaways among sports lovers is no coincidence.

This trend responds to the search for flexibility and freedom offered Road surfers, allowing you to explore new training destinations in a different way.

Travel in a camper becomes a experience where the journey and the destination merge, offering athletes the opportunity to take their “home” anywhere, thus facilitating training in different natural and urban environments.

La comfort and equipment of Roadsurfer campers They are fundamental aspects, which offer everything you need to recover after an intense day of training.

Benefits of Choosing a Camper for your Training

Roadsurfer VW Surfer Suite fitted beds
Roadsurfer VW Surfer Suite fitted beds

Freedom of movement

Roadsurfer campers are the perfect vehicle for athletes who want to train without limits.

The capacity of move freely, accessing remote corners or vibrant cities, without worrying about accommodation, is an incomparable advantage.

This freedom allows athletes to adapt their training to different terrain and conditions, thus optimizing their physical and mental preparation.

Comfort and Equipment

After a demanding day of training, there is nothing like returning to your own space where you can relax and recover.

Roadsurfer campers are equipped with everything necessary to guarantee maximum comfort: from comfortable beds to functional kitchens.

This environment promotes optimal recovery, essential to face the next day of adventure with energy.

Image of the interior of Roadsurfer's Road House
Image of the interior of Roadsurfer's Road House


La possibility of visiting several destinations in the same trip opens a range of opportunities for athletes

From the coast to the mountains, camper vans allow you to experience different sports disciplines, enriching the training experience.

Recommended routes in Spain

In this article we give you an idea of ​​a route to do during Easter or any time of the year.

With 8 stops It is perfect for a getaway combining sports, active life and tourism.

Day 1 – Torla-Ordesa: Trail Running


 Dedicate this day to trail running through the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park.

The routes through this park will offer you spectacular landscapes and challenging terrain, ideal for improving your endurance and enjoying nature.

Day 2 – Ansó: Cycling


Explore the Western Valleys Natural Park by bike.

The roads and mountain paths in this area are perfect for a cycling training, offering both demanding routes and spectacular landscapes.

Day 3 – Pamplona: Recovery and Culture


In Pamplona we suggest taking it as a day of active rest. Walk through the city to actively recover, enjoying its rich culture and gastronomy.

Day 4 – Bilbao: Race


Explore Bilbao with a running session.

You can run along the Bilbao estuary or look for routes that take you through the old town and the modern Campo Volantín promenade. The mix of historic and contemporary architecture will create a stimulating tour.

Day 5 – Santander: Swimming


Santander is perfect for open water swimming.

Take advantage of the calm waters of its beaches, such as the famous Sardinero beach, to train.

Day 6 – Gijón: Cycling (Alto de El Fitu)


In Asturias it is time for a good bike climb. We propose you the  ascent to El Fitu It is a demanding climb but it will be worth it.

Approximate Distance: 70 km (round trip from Gijón)

The climb is approximately 6 km, with an average slope of 8.5%.

Climb to the top of Fitu

Day 7 – A Coruña: Triathlon

A Coruña

Take advantage of A Coruña for a mini triathlon.

It begins with swimming at Riazor Beach, continues with cycling along the promenade that surrounds the peninsula, and concludes with a running race through the Tower of Hercules and Bens Park.

It will be a full day of training in all three disciplines.

Day 8 – Santiago de Compostela: Relax

Santiago de Compostela

Use this day to recover and reflect on your trip.

Take a leisurely stroll through the cobblestone streets of Santiago, visit the Cathedral and enjoy local delicacies at the Abastos market

Travel Tips:

To get the most out of this experience, good planning is crucial.

Make sure you have everything you need to enjoy a smooth sports and travel experience. Here we leave you a list of essential things that you should not forget:

Specific Sports Team:

Depending on the activities you plan to do (cycling, swimming, running, etc.), make sure you bring the right equipment.

Appropriate clothing

Clothing should be versatile, suitable for various weather conditions. Don't forget to wear light, breathable layering for hot days, as well as warm clothing for cold nights or training at higher altitudes.

And don't forget your raincoats, in case the rain surprises you.

First aid box:

It is always essential to carry a first aid kit, which includes bandages, antiseptics, plasters, and any necessary personal medication.

Prevention is key to managing small injuries or common ailments.

Tools and Spare Parts

Don't forget to bring a small repair kit for your bike or any other equipment that may need maintenance during the trip.

Sun Protection Articles

Protection from the sun is crucial. Be sure to bring high-spectrum sunscreen, caps or hats, and sunglasses to protect yourself during peak sun exposure hours.

Documentation and Maps

Although we live in the digital age, having physical maps can be of great help, especially in areas where the mobile signal is weak or if you go to the mountains.

Don't forget to also bring all the necessary documentation, both personal and related to the rental of the camper.

In conclusion, traveling in a Roadsurfer camper during Holy Week offers an incomparable opportunity to combine training and adventure, discovering the beauty and diversity of Spain.

We recommend this experience as it will allow you to live unforgettable moments, exploring new horizons and challenging yourself in different environments and disciplines.

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